Friday, May 1, 2009

Things Remembered

One of my most vivid memories of going to the mall as a little girl was peering in the Things Remembered store. The shiny, beautiful objects!! They held so much mystery for a little girl!

As I got older, I still had the same love for Things Remembered, and they've been a part of several of our life's biggest occasions!!! For the birth of each boy, Mike gets a personalized gift from me, which he will eventually pass down to that child.

To me, Things Remembered has always been "that store" The one you go to for a meaningful gift. For your best man, your anniversary, the birth of a child, any occasion that you need a special, personalized, beautiful gift to show someone just how important that occasion is.

Mothers Day is May 10th and Things Remembered has done it again. They have created the perfect gift for every mother, grandmother, mom to be, or just woman in general.

Charm Story, a new way to put your memories, dates, notes & things meaningful into one beautiful gift that can grow with every event.

You could have a martini charm, for that girls night out with your best friend, a sea shell, to remind you of your honeymoon on the beach, the possibilities are endless & the best part, each charm can be personalized with words, dates or even a quote!

This is the perfect gift that keeps giving, for each anniversary, or birthday or birth a new charm can be personalized & added to your growing collection of not just charms, but memories.

“This ultimate charm program is unlike any other charm offering currently available because the possibilities for personalization are truly endless,” said Amy Myers, Things Remembered associate vice president of marketing. “Moms always appreciate the little details, and our Charm Story line is built on the little extra sentiments that will make giving a charm bracelet much more personal and fun. We’re hoping this Mother’s Day families will start a new charm tradition and add charms in the future for each of her special moments and accomplishments.”

I absolutely love mine & cant WAIT to see what Mike will suprise me with to add to it!!

Maybe he'll get a seashell to celebrate our engagement on the beach in Florida? Who knows! Wether he, or I add to it, its going to be a piece that I cherish for all the time to come.
Check out Things Remembered, and their new line, Charm Story for this Mothers Day & show that mother in your life just how special & memorable her life events have been!


  1. Oh I have to have one of those!!!

  2. oh those are so cute! they'd be adorable for a mothers day gift!


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