Saturday, May 9, 2009

Small Talk Six

“6 ways you are like or unlike your mother.”

I'd first like to say... Mom. I love you.

So.. Sorry.

1- We are both demanding, high maintenance (in SOME ways, not with makeup or hair or anything like that) and I think we're both kinda selfish.
(Okay let me explain.. it isnt like we're both bitches..I mean...of course I AM, but these things arent as bad as they sound if you KNOW either of us.. we both like what we like/want & kind of like & want it ....yesterday.. Don't shake your head & huff mom, you know deep down its true!!!!)

2- We both have ADD. But her's is WAAAYYY worse. Like.. "tie a bow on the car antennae so I can find it in the parking lot" kinda bad.. Mine is more like "You bore me so I zone out b/c I dont care what you have to say..." kinda ADD =)

3- My mom is work/school/career focused. I would be perfectly happy NEVER working again & making cookies all day. I tell Mike all the time when he complains about finals "Haha.. that SUCKS. I dont EVER want to go back to school!! I will..but I dont wanna!!!!!!!!!!"

4- My mom & I are both sensitive, easily effected by things/people/words and emotional, very loving people! Its funny, you'd never know by hearing stories about me, or me complaining about her, but I am truly lucky that I got some of her traits, it made me the loving kindhearted person that I actually am.

5- We both like junk food ( aka CHOCOLATE). Yum.

6- We BOTH love our children more than anything & think being a mom is grrrreat!!!!!!!!!

I love you Mom!! No matter what I may have told you when I was 13 years old.. You ARE a great mom. I wish we spent more time together..
Happy Mothers Day. Thank you for the excruciating pain you went through to have me 25 years ago!!!


  1. Love the ADD thing.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. This is such a wonderful list!! I <3 Chocolate too! Happy Mother's Day, visiting from Mom Dot. So glad to know I'm not the only one who regularly loses the car in the parking lost, whew!

  3. LOL! I love your blog- from the name of it to the note above the comment box- hilarious!
    I found you on Momdot where I just started 'small talk six'ing :)

    Happy Mothers' Day! It was fun learning about you and your mom

  4. I am number 1 and number four almost exactly! LOL Not sure where that came from.

    I always tell people that I am the worst kind of woman. I am high maintenance but think I'm low maintenance! Does that make me a walking, talking oxymoron or just breathing irony?

  5. Clairest,
    1-I was about to huff until I got to that last 2-mine:head in the clouds, yours: going 100 mph. 3-I really wasn't until you were about 8 & I began to feel success with work. 4-that makes me SSOOO happy when you say that. 5-now I feel guilty that I didn't offer you one of my Godiva dark chocolate covered cherries. 6-It's the most wonderful thing I've done in my life & I'm in awe of your mothering of your 2 precious boys. 7-it really wasn't painful-you flew out and have been flying ever since! I am so proud of the person you've become. I so love you and love that we're becoming more like friends. mom (p.s.-don't have acct,so have 2 do anonymous-sorry)

  6. Love your blog!! Your list is GREAT!! Your Anonymous (your Mom) comment made me cry...sounds like you guys have a wonderful relationship!!! (my Mother and I do too) isn't that awesome at 13 not soo much, but now we LOVE it!! Happy Mother's Day!!!

  7. I love the name of your blog!! It's very interesting and professional looking. KUDOS! I am just starting and learning and there is a lot to learn.

  8. Popping in from the Blog Link-A-Thon! Happy Blogging!

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