Friday, May 8, 2009

Remind me I'm a MOMSHELL! Giveaway!

Seriously..Mothers Day?? Like I don't know EVERY day I am a mother right??

What about WOMANS day???

Somewhere under all my motherliness is a wife.. And sometimes, she's dying to get out, I must say!

Lucky for me ( Or Mike..) Durex "Remind me I'm a MOMShell" is helping me rediscover well.. that I'm more than a mama, I'm a MOMSHELL!! ..Um..and also the route that helped MAKE me a mama..if ya know what I'm saying ((nudge nudge))

Lets be serious for a moment. What "does it" for a guy, is COMPLETELY different from what "does it" for a woman.

So author and sexologist, Dr. Sari Locker, has offered insights on ways us busy mom (and their inner Momshells) can enhance their relationships on Mother's Day:

"Top 5 Ways My Husband Can Adore & Appreciate Me on Mother's Day"

1. Remind me of the woman I was before I was a mother....the woman you lusted after.

2. Create a sexy, spicy evening with the Durex Utopia gel - the latest and greatest "female arousal gel" which has been created and tested by women for women using a unique combination of ingredients designed to stimulate, increase desire and bring me intense sensation.

3. "2 Minutes in Heaven" - Kiss me for two minutes without stopping. My lips, my neck, the base of my throat -- don't stop kissing me until the two minute egg timer buzzes. Two minutes will never have tasted so good.

4. Re-create a sexy movie scene with you and me as the leads. Think "9 1/2 Weeks" and the refrigerator scene. Gather some grapes and berries and feed me one by one. Add in some Quiver from Durex -- freezable lubricant cubes that melt into massage oil. The product is skin-tingling silky smooth pleasure packed in a cube. Use them over every inch of my body for icy cool massage or lubrication. Simply, freeze, apply and wait for meltdown...I might not remember that I'm mom after this evening.

5. Write me a love note -- just a few thoughts will go a long way. Begin each sentence with "what I love about you most is..." Include three to five things you love about me as a woman. Forget flowers and candy -- your words will fill my heart.

If you have a husband to pamper you this Mothers Day, or a boyfriend, or any type of significant other, hopefully he'll follow some of those tips as well as make you feel special & loved in his OWN way. However,even if you find yourself alone, just remember that NO mother is EVER truly alone. We all always have the love of the ones that made us that mother to begin with! Don't forget to take care of yourself ( in ALL ways) because a happy woman equals a happy mom!

And now for the good stuff..

Five, yes FIVE of my readers will win the following by Durex.

1. Utopia -

Utopia is a new female orgasm enhancement gel. Utopia has been created and tested by women for women using a unique combination of ingredients designed to stimulate, increase desire and bring you intense sensation. It is packaged like a high-end cosmetic in a small, glass vial (not a cheesy bright purple XXX-looking tube) and more than 80% of users have shown to achieve positive results. (Retail price between $16.99 and $21.99)

2. Quiver -

Think "9 1/2 Weeks" and the refrigerator scene. Quiver is a unique, freezable cube lube. Quiver is pure skin-quivering silky smooth pleasure, packed in a cube. Use them over every inch of the body for icy, tingling massage or lubrication. Simply freeze, apply and wait for meltdown... (Retail price $6.99)
Results from the Durex Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey of 26,000 participants worldwide show that a happy sex life directly translates to a happier overall well being. And being happy -- well that makes for a fabulous Mother's Day.

Here is how to enter to win-

-Visit Durex & sign up for a SPAM/junk mail FREE one time offer of $25 in coupons. No, don't worry, you wont get junk sent to your house, OR your email. Its a one time offer that's too good to pass up, especially for you coupon queens out there!

-Leave me a comment telling me about your best mothers day, why your a momshell, why you need to be reminded that your a momshell, or something else, no the similar topic. You can enter as many times as you'd like, as long as each comment stays on topic.

I'll pick 5 winners using on May 17th. I hope each of you have a Happy Mothers Day & find the MOMSHELL inside yourselves!!!


  1. I'm Game, my sex life sucks at the moment!!!- Christina

  2. Signed up for the coupons!!!!

  3. I signed up for the coupons! Who doesn't love coupons?!

  4. My best mother's day? Well, it's not here yet but just a few minutes ago my 6 year old got me excited for it! She asked for scissors, crayons, and paper so that her & the twins could make me some Mother's Day cards...ALL on her own IDEA!! <3 I was SO surprised and touched!! She also has a super surprise hidden under her bed for me tomorrow!! Yep, I'm a momshell :)

  5. i signed up for the coupons...

  6. my best mom's day was last year's!!! it was my very first, so of course it ruled!

  7. This year was my best Mother's Day. We don't have money for presents so my husband spoiled me by making me special treats, giving me a massage, and making sure I felt loved all day.

  8. well dang, mandy has no sex life but hey this might make me want one hahaha.

    Last year my dad let me sleep in on mother's day so that's my best one so far!

  9. My best mother's day was my first! There is nothing like the very first time you can celebrate that special holiday. Now it's usually full of the same old stuff and it's just another day but the first few times it was special LOL.

    I signed up for some coupons ;)


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