Sunday, May 17, 2009

Night Sprytes

As any parent knows, night time can be a challenge. But once your kiddos hit a certain age, all sort of new scary things come in to play, scared of the dark, monsters in the closet, a boogie man under the bed.

The older we get, believe me, the more we have to be scared of.. good thing these kids dont know about things like taxes, social security & 401K's yet right? Eek!

However, if they did know about those scary things, or atleast have a worry about whats living under their bed, there aint nuttin Rollo cant take care of!!

Meet Roll0. He & his Night Spryte friends are the perfect solution for all your childrens night time worries.

Rollo is a handstitched adorable little Spryte just right for cuddling in your childrens arms, he's always prepared to fight off any boogie men or monsters that dare mess with HIS pals!

As your little ones snuggle up with Rollo, you guys can enjoy the gorgeous, glossy, brightly colored story of Rollo & his Night Spryte friends.

These illustrations are gorgeous, they are bright & animated & just awesome to look at.

You follow the story of two siblings headed to bed. As Gabby & Leon insist they cant go to be because of the monsters, Dad comes up with a special solution...

Rollo leads the children on a fun adventure of finding scary monsters & then actually talking & finding out, hey! These monsters don't mean to be scary! However, they must go! Its rude to be when you arent wanted, after all.

Rollo teaches Gabby & Leon several no fail monster removal tricks like scaring them off with a flick of the light switch, for example.

This is a great, FUN concept created by two brothers, so they definitely know a thing or 2 about siblings being worried about night time worries!

One of my readers will get a Rollo the Night Spryte & book set for their own children to banish the bad guys with!

Here is how to enter-

-Tell me why you could use Rollo at your house!
-Follow me.
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-Tweet about this giveaway ( one tweet per day!)


  1. I could use Rollo in my home so my son knows he is safe and there isn't monsters!!

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  3. A friend's daughter is having a terrible time. I'd give Rollo to her.


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  5. Rollo might convince RJ that he doesn't need to sleep on the dang couch!

  6. I (obviousl) follow you! lol

  7. I also follow you on twitter... which I never thought I would get on!

  8. My sister could use this. Her almost 9 and 7 year old boys are scared of everything, but her 3 year old girl is brave!

  9. I follow on Twitter. (leatherbustiere)

  10. I don't even know if this giveaway is still going on, but I'm twittering anyways!!


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