Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life,. Death & a BRUISE.

Today went a little something like this

((pry eyes open))

Shit Ryan..its 7AM!!!
((Ryan falls back asleep))

......well.. I'm up now.........

I reach for my Blackberry..

Oohh!! A mama contacted me about her awesome store & GORGEOUS Tutus!!!! .. I feel special..she reached out to ME!!!

(( Well crap..I cant go to sleep again NOW))

Get up.


Go to Urgent Care( my doc has kids quicker than me so she isn't ever in on Wed).. get X- Rays.. I have a severely bruised finger ( I KNEW it wasnt broken & I know form my Athletic Training experience how to buddy bandage & split but wanted an opinion..) Mention some tummy issues i'm having & get a...

((insert horrified face here))

..Gee.. no I'm not but had I been, I'd officially be terrifed for both my life & my unborn childs.

Thanks bitch.

Come home, Mike goes to some appointments.

Comes home "Didja see the chickies hatched???? I saw em! Did you??"

I head outside to birdophile the Robins nest..

EEEEKKK I SEE EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see one SWEET baby bird head pop out, mouth open & gapin gfor mama & I coo & run for my camera...

I stand a good distance away on a table creepily staring at the little birdies and when I go to hop off I SCREAM.. I nearly step on a dead mole, with its neck broken.

Thanks neighborhood cats!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way.. Mike did a pesticide b/c our bugs are OUT OF CONTROL and all it did was genocide the poor potato bugs ( Ok..I have called them potato bugs my ENTIRE life but when I googled them I got something WACK & Mike swears they're *called* Rollie Polies??) .. They all crawled out.. and then died on their backs & shriveled up & basically MELTED on my back porch.

Gorgeous. I'm scared to sit on my stoop now!


So.. .. Ah..I lost my train of thought. Go figure.

Basically I have a gimpy finger, the middle, right one. Yeah, all jokes about using it too much go HERE. We've been re-doing the living room to make it *lighter* and *brighter* which has been...intersting...

But uh..yep. Random is as Claire does..

ANYWAY! The POINT here my friends......


I have some super cool giveaways coming up.. Think Spring Cleaning , one of my FAVORITES.. A eco friendly clothing line, not to mention some super AMAZING stuff for MAMA!!!

..Don't even get Me started on the Tutus, DVDS and a certain company that you can BUILD A BEAR with!!!

Better stay tuned, who KNOWS what I might be throwing your way!!!


  1. I have always called them Rollie Pollies, too! :) Who knew they had a real name?

  2. Rollie Polies indeed Claire.

  3. mike is right, they aren't potato bugs. comeon get real ;P

  4. I call them Rollie Pollies, tell Mike he is WRONG! I am glad you are back, I love your randomness :)


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