Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leap Frog Letter Factory

We recently got the chance to check out Leap Frog - Letter Factory A new DVD by the ever popular Leap Frog line of products.

Boith my boys absolutely love their Leap Frog fridge phonics & Andy learned his whole alphabet before the age of 2 from this great invention.

This DVD takes all the songs, adds some humor & a very cute musical touch to learning each sound the letters of the alphabet make.

By the time Andy had watched this DVD for the second time, he was playing in his room singing that "L says lllll" while he played with his trains. I know he learned the letters from his fridge games, but I really think that he got the concept of the sound each letter makes from this DVD more than he did the actual magnet game.

This is a great program, a great DVD and a great tool to help teach children the sounds each letter makes in the alphabet. Its cute, funny and a great learning tool!

You can find Leap Frog DVDs like the Letter Factory at Amazon and most of your local stores which sell children's DVD's.

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  1. Love the letter factory! I can't watch it anymore since we watched it so much at the beg. of my pregnancy so now the songs make me nauseous. :/
    But that's what taught my boy the alphabet! :)


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