Friday, May 8, 2009

The Kirkpatrick Project

I for one, was probably a groupie in a past life. And by past life, I mean as a teenager...
( ew mom & dad STOP reading this!)
I got backstage, email address,phone numbers, , swag,even some dates from going to live music concerts.

Point is.. I love me some music. ( and obviously the cute guys who play it huh??) I have loved music from listening to my dads jazz music played ALL WEEKEND LONG at home as a child, to my brief stint into ((cough)) rap.. to a big punk kick to country.. I love something about ALL music, for the most part!

As I've gotten "old" I realize often "Wow I have no idea who/what that is.." when I finally flip a radio on, and part of me feels sad, I used to know who was "it" before they were "it!!"

When my friend Janae asked me if I'd be willing to do a review of her brothers band, The Kirkpatrick Project, I was like Uhm.. YES! Because I REALLY need to reconnect with something other than Mary had an F-ing lamb for if nothing else, my sanity.

I ventured into their site, The Kirkpatrick Project, check them out along with me..

Two brothers, Wes & Ryan

From 9000 feet above sea level up in beautiful Colorado, came together to form what would be called The Kirkpatrick Project.

Alright, so, first thing is first, I headed over to their Myspace and clicked PLAY on their first song..

Okay.. Listening to them is like, if you took a dash of Patridge Family ( I don't even know any of their songs but the *family* togetherness of it is what I'm looking for..) a good portion OAR (before they were well known, at their best) mixed with some Jackson Browne & John Mayer &the rest of something that cant be described as anything but.. The Kirkpatrick Project!

When the CD arrived, I explained to Mike "You know that type of music you want to hear as you toss something on the bonfire & crack a beer with your friends on a summer night?? This is it." Mike nodded and we hit play..Its a unique sound unlike anything you can find on your local radio station right now.

With out a doubt, Track One is my fave.. Its called Superstition, and it has the classic "stuck in your head first #1 hit" type of tune.. We carried on & cleaned listening to music until it was nap time.

Then today I hit a FUNK. And when I say funk, I was fucking crabby. I huffed off into the car & stopped for a second, I pulled the keys out of the ignition & went back to grab the CD, Opportunity. I popped it in, grabbed a Chai ( no, not from Starbucks, I don't *do* Starbucks) and was on my way.. I was bound & determined to stay pissed, which if you know me, isn't hard..

Ahh then song 4 came on.. Oh song 4.. "Mr. Movie Star" Lets sum it up by.. less than 30 seconds into the song, I actually laughed out loud & began to sing along with the chorus. Oh go back to the screen.. LOL! I cant tell you how many times in my life that this song has been in my thoughts, before I even knew it existed!!!

Are you feeling confused?? You should, you have to hear it to get it.. And believe me, you want to be on the inside of the loop for this one!!

Check out what Scene Magazine has to say about TKP-

"The Kirkpatrick Project might describe themselves as folk rock, but that carries with it too many associations with angry long-hairs holding candlelight vigils for murdered union organizers. In truth the band, and their second album Opportunity, is better described as approachable, unapologetically friendly acoustic rock that seeks to connect on a level that everyone gets.

And what the hell is wrong with that? Nothing, as far as Wes and Ryan, the brothers Kirkpatrick, are concerned. Their decidedly different approaches to songwriting bring enough variety to the program to keep the album interesting, as the songs are spilt almost evenly between Kirkpatrick the higher voiced and Kirkpatrick the lower.

When Kirkpatrick the higher is singing, and presumably songwriting, we get a storyteller who spins tales of grannies in Amsterdam engaging in the local culture and getting bumped form a gig by that guy who played Kevin from “American Pie.” Kirkpatrick the lower approaches songwriting with a less topical, more emotional focus, and the album’s alternation between the concrete and the abstract give it a well rounded lyrical texture.

A few times the group, who fleshes out their sound with a host of non-filial collaborators, approaches the doleful. We again see honest songwriting that connects, but one has the feeling that these two walk on the sunny side of the street more often than not. Though we’re still in our snowiest month, this is an ideal record to remind music fans that warmer days are on the way."(Scene)

I know that as a mother, there are days when the only things I hear or see are rhyming about bears or boots or old mothers and eiih.. It gets old. Seriously old. However, there isn't alot of music out there that isn't full of swear words that is geared towards adults that children can still enjoy as well!

The Kirkpatrick Project isn't so clean cut it belongs on a shelf with Barney, but it certainly is something that the whole family can enjoy while still being "adult" music. Andy danced & was singing along by the first time we repeated the CD!

Music is literally, the song of every life. You cant have life with out music! You just cant, its impossible. It lifts you up, you can mourn in it, you can be taken back to another place & time with it! The Kirkpatrick Project is one of those bands someday you'll hear & remember the first time you heard that song, where you were, what you were doing, you'll smile, laugh & drift back for just a minute. Thats what I love about music, and thats what you'll love about the Kirkpatrick Project as well!

One of my readers will get the opportunity, to win a copy of their new CD, Opportunity. I'll draw a winner using on May 16th!!!

Check out The KirkPatrick Project & tell me something you love about music & how its influenced YOUR life! You can leave as many entries as you want as long as it has to do with music& The Kirkpatrick Project

You can get additional entries by becoming their friend on MySpace ( I will be checking!)


  1. Thanks for blogging about this. I am always looking for new good music. Can't wait to check them out.

  2. I have seen her write about her brothers or saw pics not sure which one on facebook lol....but thought to myself they look like fun!

  3. I own the first CD and miss Claire if you don't, get it NOW!! I've been meaning to get this one too and if I don't "win" then I am going to have to get it other ways ;) So I feel totally in the loop on this one, I can say I've been a dan for YEARS!! lol.

  4. I have also been a Myspace friend for a while! lol. Goooooooooooooooo me!!

  5. Oh, oh oh... I remember the first time I heard them! I was on IM with Janae and she sent me a link to a local radio station they were visiting (interviewing? playing? I don't know the correct term) that day! I even emailed her brother once about her baby shower and he knew who I was!!! LMAO. I missed seeing them play in Vegas because I was preggers with Aubrey.


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