Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

Technically I shouldnt be back until tomorrow(see below), so I'm not going to get "back to work" until Wed, as previously planned but.. HOLY HELL I AM BACK!!

And I just wanted to share a few things I learned-

-It's a good thing they block a lot of those monuments off b/c I was THISCLOSE to throwing myself off a few of em.

-Not sure I want more kids.

-Not sure my sister will EVER want kids now.

-Never travel with children under 5.. thats when I am guessing it MIGHT be ok...

- I appreciate having a home with no stairs & small children.

-I appreciate having a home that you can simply put up a baby gate & say "don't go in there" due to those small children!

-I appreciate having a Target that is *friendly* and not located in a mall.. Geezus.. that really ruined alot of Targets image for me man....

I'll be back when my official vacation is up to share all the "Obama House" and "NO DOG!! I SCARD'DA DOG!!!!!" stories we accumulated over this last week!!!!!!!!!!

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