Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If you were a train..

More specifically, Percy, Andy's beloved best friend of a train..

If you were that train,and you were on a special mission on your branch line for Sir Topham Hatt...

Um.. where would you be hiding in the house so Mom can find you & stop lying about special missions?????


  1. Hmm, clothes basket? JK's trains have ended up there.. a lot. Between a wall and a bed, trash can, sofa cushions, bottom of toy bucket, drawers.. I hope you find him soon.

  2. Under a bed?? My kids usually send their toys to great adventures in places I would never thing. Anything that can open and you can hide things in. The stove in their toy kitchen, the foot stool that has a secret hiding place, all kinds of places! Good luck. I hope Percy is home from him special missions soon!

  3. the toilet. haha. that's where my dh used to hide his cars when he was little.

  4. Cabinets?
    We spent several days trying to track down Caelen's beloved "Bird", even stopping by the grocery store to see if she was left there. Searched ebay to find a replacement. Then finally found her in the cabinet in the bottom of my curio cabinet. ::sigh::

  5. A few months ago, I found Percy in the fish bowl. I hear he likes to swim. Hmmmmm.... outside? Joey has been known to hide things behind the tv and behind the sofa.


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