Friday, May 1, 2009

If Mama Dont Laugh..

..It Aint Funny!!!

But believe me, if your reading this book, Mama WILL be laughing!!!

I have to say. I dont laugh easily, I really dont. I never have & likely never will, but from the first few pages of this book I was genuinely laughing out loud.. I dont know what got me more.. the stories of seeing a neutering take place as a learning experience for her children or the hilarious stories of children creeping into Mamas bedroom at night!

I got the chance to ask author, Lucy Adams several questions recently.

When did you start writing?

"My high school friends would tell you that they always knew I would be a writer. My college friends would tell you they thought I would do a lot of things, but writing was not on the list. My girlfriends that I have now have never known me as anything but a writer. My husband says I’m not the same woman he married; that it’s like an alien took over my body.
I always wanted to write. I sort of gave up on it, though, after high school, seeking to do more practical things with my education and my life. It wasn’t until I was 34, with four children ages 6 and under and a husband who said we needed extra income,that I got up the courage to act on it.
I typed up sample columns and took them to my local newspaper. Then I called the editor again, and again, and again, until he said, “Yes, if you’ll quit bothering me. I’ve got work to do.”
Now, going a day without writing is like going a day without oxygen."

Did all of the stories in your book really happen to you?

"All the stories but one are true. There is a clue embedded in the book. Can you find it? Do you know which story isn’t true? "

How did you decide on the title, "If Mama Don't Laugh, it Aint Funny"?

"My husband actually inadvertently coined the title. One evening at dinner, several years ago, one of my sons asked my husband to pass the rolls. Instead of passing the plate, the man tossed a roll to the child who bobbled it. Buttery bread left a long grease streak down the front of my child.
I was irritated at the poor display of table manners and at the challenge of getting butter stains out of navy blue pants. My husband could see it on my face, so he said, “Uh oh, y’all. Mama isn’t laughing. If Mama doesn’t laugh, it isn’t funny.”
The title (and ghastly grammar) evolved from there."

How long did it take you to write "If Mama Don't laugh"? Did it just seem to flow or did it take some time for you to gather all of your stories & put them together?

"It took about a year and a half from start to finish. I read and re-read my stories so many times in the selecting, writing and editing process. One of my first criteria for including a story in the book was that it still had to make me laugh or cry or laugh until I cried, even after reading it a hundred times.
I also selected stories that received a lot of comments from my newspaper column readers. There’s no better way to gauge audience approval than through direct feedback. "

Do you have any advice for other moms who would like to get into writing?
"If you’re serious about it, you have to truly commit to seizing every moment. Working full-time and raising a family can pose barriers to a writing career. I write in every sliver of time I can find. I keep a notebook and a pen with me at all times, everywhere I go. Ideas suddenly come to me and I have to write them down or I’ll never remember them. Sometimes I get inspired and write an entire story on the back of my grocery list while standing in the middle of aisle 9. Sometimes I dictate to my 13 year-old when ideas come to me while I’m driving. I jot things down in waiting rooms, dressing rooms, and bathrooms. I have lots of scraps of paper stashed here, there, and everywhere with various notes. Often, writing a story is like piecing a puzzle together, literally.
The first step, however, is just starting. Commit to writing a certain number of words a day. My number is 250. It’s manageable. You’ll find that once you start, it’s very, very hard to stop. I know I do. I’ve burned countless meals because I couldn’t put my pen down. "

I absolutely love If Mama Don't Laugh, It Ain't Funny
and I strongly suggest every mama in need of a laugh herself, check it out..
Here is a snippet to get you hooked!

When in Rome?

“When in Rome,” he said, as he served our Sunday evening meal. None of us could look at our plates. We just sat there, speechless and repulsed. In self-defense, I controlled my gastric juices long enough to reply, “People don’t really eat this stuff.”
Yet, despite the family’s clear surprise and disgust, he insisted that we try the meal he so caringly prepared. And though none of us doubted his bighearted intentions, we couldn’t stomach even the thought of it passing our lips. With an encouraging tone of voice, he urged us, saying, “People around here do eat this. I bought it at the grocery store in the meat department. There must be something to it. I think you will all really like it, if you try it.”
I apologized profusely, left the table with my plate in hand, and flung its contents into the backyard. The dog looked at me with a rueful expression, as if to say, “Thanks, but dogs don’t really eat this stuff.”
Later that night, a possum couple, which regularly foraged in the neighborhood, passed through our yard. They sadly gazed at each other with eyes that implied, “I hope the Jones’ put out some trash, because possums don’t eat this stuff.”
Buffaloed chicken feet have not graced our table since.
Remember, if a possum wouldn’t eat it, then neither should we. And by all means, let’s clear up the nasty little rumor that chicken feet are the official Georgia state food.(Excerpted from If Mama Don’t Laugh, It Ain’t Funny (Palm Tree Press), by Lucy Adams. Reprinted here by permission of the author.)

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  1. I'll have to check the book out! And Caleb makes me laugh when he grunts out of frustration.. I don't know where he got that from haha.

  2. When a child says things completely out of the blue that you never thought should come out of their mouths totally cracks me up. And some times it is not good for me to laugh but, kids say the

  3. My 3 yr old making my 5 mos old cackle like a maniac never fails to make me laugh. =)

  4. The way Amelia says "OH NO!" like everything is a tragedy, when she really just dropped her cracker or something. It tickles me :)


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