Sunday, May 10, 2009

I have a question...

We have a robin sitting on some eggs in her nest in my apple tree!! I tried to take a picture & when I got closer than 5 feet away she got a wwiiiiddlle pissed so I backed off.

Then I was sitting watching her ( from a distance) and thinking "Ha..she's got it right.. all pregnant & just chillin, only getting up to eat!"
( as I thought of myself pregnant with Andy!!!)

Then it hit me.. Wait..she isn't pregnant,or..with egg(s) or whatever its called for a bird. She already laid the eggs.. so is she "post partum"??? (she still does look a bit chunky..)

Or is she post partum after the eggs hatch??

I know, random. Its also my middle name ( Actually Claire is my middle name but whatever!) But I'm dead serious..

Post partum for birds- after they lay eggs??? Or something else??



  1. You're so funny! Good question, though. Hopefully someone has the answer!

  2. Don't know WHEN she'd be considered post-partum, but I know robins generally lay 4 eggs, so if she's looking a bit chunky still then maybe she still has more eggs to lay. How do I know this? Yeah...had a robin build a nest and lay eggs under my deck 2 years ago. And she got a wee miffed when I tried to take pics! It was cool though- they hatched on Nicholas' birthday.


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