Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Garden

When I was a kid we always had asparagus growing in one of our gardens. They had these tiny bugs which duh, I called "asparagus bugs" and I "picked" daily. I taught them to swim & made them live in Tic Tac boxes.

I also squashed many many many of these bugs on our patio & then covered them with a rock & an apple blossom. ( each was green inside, by the way)

Point it, I love gardens & all the things that go with them. Except for the worms, and grubs & potato bugs & basically anything alive that moves or wiggles..

ANYWAY! Since we've moved to this house we started with a small garden & have expanded it to be about 5 by 3.5 feet. Since we rent we try to keep it small so we dont have to patch alot of the grass back when we move.

I went to the garden store with my mama this Sunday & got all sorts of good stuff.

Check it out-

Here is the garden, prepped & ready for planting.

I decided to plant alone this year. I really was needing some *me* time. Our neighbor, Bob was mowing & his grand kids were visiting & little Miss was standing there staring shyly at me.

I smile & waved & she excitedly waved back. I kept about my business thinking "ah crap.." to myself & when she smiled at me again I said "Do you want to help me?"

Duh, YES! She sprang over. Her little brother said "I wanna watch!" so I had Mike send Andy out to help me out too.

We started small, by planting some rosemary in a big pot, something I thought she could easily do, but sure enough.. It was going to be harder than that to shake the munchkins!!

The 4 of us raked, dug, waters, "broke up the roots" and tasted all the herbs together as we planted our herb garden first...

(Cilantro,Sweet Banana Peppers,Basil, Chives, Flat Parsley, Curly Parsley)

After a brief struggle over the hose & Andy apparently trying gum for the first time ( which I have NO idea where THAT went @@) I realized I still couldn't shake the squirts.

This is when my favorite moment happened.

I walked away from the herb section to grab some more tools for the kids & I heard "Hey Andy, do you like your mom? Yeah? Is she nice? I like your mom. I think shes REALLY nice."

I turned my head & smiled as I pretended not to hear while I thought "Ah crap.. now I DO want a daughter." Then the boys played while my new buddy & I hopped inside the garden & started to plant.

In all we planted-
-Cabbage (just cause I want to see if I can grow it this time around!)
-Tomatoes ( golden pear, mountain spring & patio)
-Green Beans
-Yellow Squash
-Onions ( I seriously just randomly grabbed a few b/c I had no idea how onions grew & wanted to see for myself!!!)
-Head lettuce
-Boston lettuce ( my FAVE)
-All the herbs listed above
-Lemon Verbana ( I accidently weeded my old plant, oops!)
-Pineapple sage



Cabbage & cauliflower.

Pineapple Sage

I am the type of gardner who plants alot of crap, waters it & then learns what I can & can not to do produce a return from said garden.

I planted watermelon last year & it died with in days.

I planted cantaloupe the year before & just kept waiting for it to look like a cantaloupe I'd see in the eventually just rotted. Oops.

I picked Pineapple Sage because when you rub the leaves, it gives of a pineapple essence. Its drool worthy. I will likely never use it for anything other than huffing for my own pleasure but YUM none the less!!!

I picked cabbage because.. its big, and it looks cool. And I have all of one recipe which uses cabbage in it.

I picked cauliflower because I LOVE mashed non-potatoes.

I do zucchini every year b/c I LOVE zucchini pasta & zucchini bread! (Wow..thats a weird work if you type/say/spell it alot huh???)

I did beans because last year I literally got TWO damn beans & this year I WILL make them work.

Tomatoes, I do every year.

Basil= Fresh Pesto.

Parsley= Parsley Pesto

Chives.. um, I have no idea but we've just always had them in our yard since I was a kid....

I am excited to see what works out this year!!!

Do you plant a garden?? Tell me what you do, or WOULD plant if you had a garden of your own!!! =0)

PS- I single handedly put asparagus bugs on the extinct list. Oops!


  1. Ahhh I love your garden. Gardens are one thing I miss about having a house (and being home enough to care for one)
    Growing up we always grew Zucchini, Pumpkins, Corn, Peas, Green Beans, Tomatoes (usually Early something or other and Cherry), Green Peppers, Potatoes, Onions, Squash of some sort, and oh gosh I forget what else. If my mom hasn't got her garden planted by the time I get there to visit (you plant late in Utah thanks to the weather, they probably will still get snow there with the crazy weather this year lol) maybe I will get help...oh man can you imagine Skye helping with the garden, that could be interesting lol.
    Anyways I love it.

  2. we have a garden! we do tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, basil, oregeno, parsley, & im sure a few other things im forgetting! my fav is to make brushetta bread or pasta with the fresh ingredients!

  3. MMM.... It all looks so good Claire! I wish I had a yard to plant a garden in. We are in a townhouse now, but I already told DH as soon as we buy another place, I am planting a garden! How exciting to have fresh veggies. YUM.
    I wonder what you could use the pinapple sage for? You'll have to come up w/ a good recipe and let me know. It sounds Delish!


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