Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eden Fantasys

This review contains adult products, if your under the age of 18 please do not continue.

Mike & I have been married for THREE years now!! Can you believe it?? I cant.. especially since we have an almost 3 year old & a 1 year old!!!
I'm a mother. Period.
Apparently I'm also still a woman & a wife.. but that's news to me most of the time!

Sometimes by the time I get to be alone with Mike, the last thing I'm thinking about is Mike, if ya know what I'm saying??

Lucky for me ( or should I say him??) we found out about Eden Fantasy's recently & decided to test them out to celebrate our big anniversary.

Edens Fantasy's is a awesome website that is discreet, classy & only offers the best in adult toys, games, lingerie & romance kits for adults.

Mike & I got the Weekenders Kit.

I've always heard about Honey Dust but had never found it before so I was super excited to try it out!

Our kit was in the strawberry flavor ( yum!) and contained a feather duster for the Honey Dust, Pleasure Balm, Oil of Love, Sweet Almond massage oil & another little something.

My parents read my blog.. So I'll say this.

I like the honey dust.

I like this kit.

Mike likes it, ALOT.

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Eden Fantasy's is perfect for everyone. If your a adult novice, they have somethiong for you, if your looking for a sexy outfit to spice things up on a solo vaction with your significant other,or your new to the game & want to start slow with something romantic & special for a sweet occasion.

Eden Fantasy's has something for everyone at a great cost, with discreet shipping & billing. Heck, they even have something for the Green .. um.. Eco conscious.. Um.. for those who like to be eco friendly smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Check Eden Fantasy's out, if your feeling brave, come back & tell me something that you might want to try out! Dont worry, I wont tell!!


  1. WeeeHooo... me thinks I should bring DGD back from the dead! lol.

  2. I'm thinking that Siena Symphony thing looks interesting...ahem


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