Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boy Oh Boy

I was outside weeding just now & I realized something..

I need to weed my metaphorical garden.

Whats that mean?? I need to get some crap off my chest, pick some sticks out & get back to why I originally started this blog.


I love to talk, and no one I know really cares to listen ( with a few exceptions!) so I started THIS as MY place.

I get why they called it MYSpace.. When I joined that site, it WAS MYSpace.. until I found out my sister in law was hacking my blogs,printing them & giving them to family members I was privately bitching about.


So MySpace was no longer MY space..it was "Myspace" but even though my profile was private, ex boyfriends, ex stalkers, ex friends & ex FAMILY MEMBERS continued to approach me through it.

That. Got. Old. Quick.

I started Away in Arooba! It was family intended, but it drifted off to "non family topics" and seeing as how my family/in laws read it...eehhh I started this blog!

This blog was started with a WARNING. If you dont like what you read, dont leave me a comment whining. I dont fucking care. This is MY blog. I say what I want to say, when I want to say it & HOW I want to say it. Dont like it?? See that little X in right right hand corner?


I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a best friend & probably an enemy & some other not nice words. This is my place to be ME. And believe it or not, a few very very weird people like that about me!

I dont like to add the apostrophe in dont.
I like to us ....... alot because I type like I talk...................
I dont use spell check. I just dont care to.. so what?
If your doing to stop reading my blog because I cant put the little mark in between the N and the T and I say words like "acrossed" ( yeah, WHAT?)
Then I have to say.. I dont feel like I'M missing out on you not liking my blog, not reading it, and so on & so forth.

I've been SO swamped with all these reviews that its really cut into not only my email time, but my personal time as well & I have to say.. for what??

I love doing it, dont get me wrong. But I do it for free & although yes, sometimes I do get free items, I couldnt get an item worth enough to be giving up time with my children.


Today I hit my 10,000 mark on this blog. Which was AWESOME. But I think today I am also realizing, I think its time to take a step back & remember why I started this blog.

To bitch & moan about random things that bother me. Of COURSE!

No, I wont be stopping reviews & giveaways, you just might have to look a bit harder through all of my posts to find them! I just want to get back to why I love about blogging, and a little less on the PR side. I'll still do it, dont you worry. But until I branch out or make the decision & this blog is an investment FOR me, rather than taking not only time but money FROM me, I really oughta focus on the ME part of it a bit more!!! That IS why I started it, after all!

Mom,Dad, you guys might want to stop reading about now, I cant say I wont talk shit about you guys in the possibly near future.

I've loved all the bloggers I've met since I got started,I cherish EACH of my followers & love that they thought I am someone worth reading her thoughs. I especially have thanks & love for the MomDot crew!! I've learned so much & will continue to do so & I sure hope people will stick around & get to know more about ME than just what I think of toothpaste XYZ..

Alright well.. 92 followers.. ..Any bets on what that number will be in a month??


  1. Well said!! It's better to vent than to explode.

  2. You know I will never leave you!!! I feel an email headed my way to explain all this??? =)


    PS thank you for making me broke. I decided to do the Charm Story for Mother's day gifts. I absolutly love the idea of them...now if only i could get one for myself...hint hint Kevin. =)

  3. i'm not going anywhere :)

  4. Hey girl...I'm not going anywhere. Bitch all you want, I'll keep reading! You gotta have a place to get it all out! Besides, you always make me laugh- I like people who tell it like it is!

  5. Claire I love you, you telling it like it is is one of the things that I admire the most about you. I will be here forever, if you want to get rid of me you are going to have to kick me out lol.

  6. I too am here to stay! You post what's REAL, and don't make up a fake identity. Ya wanna hear something funny? NO ONE I KNOW IN REAL life even has a clue about my blog. And I am STILL partially afraid of typing what i think about all the hags I know!


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