Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Animal Atlas

We recently got the chance to check out Animal Atlas: Animals and Us Or, as Andy calls it "The giraffe movie"

I'll start by saying, we watched it close to 5 times.. In a row.. In a car. Andy LOVES it.

This DVD features 3 episodes, Who Needs Our Help, Who's at the Aquarium, and Who's at the Zoo. Andy seemed to like them all equally, of course. However, I really liked the idea behind Who Needs our Help, for older children, learning about how to preserve animals from extinction is an important lesson.

Although this DVD is probably geared towards older children, based on the conversation & words used, it didn't seem to matter. Andy followed right along, naming animals & following closely with every image.

I can honestly say, it even interested me. I had no idea many of the facts this video taught, and now I do! I know what a batoid is, do you?

I am definitely interested to check out all the other awesome episodes Animal Atlas has to offer. You can find Animals and Us at Amazon (Animal Atlas) Toys R Us, or NCircle Entertainment.

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