Thursday, April 30, 2009

You know your BFF ...

..Knows you well when she says she is sending you an Anniversary Gift for you & your husband..

The box has to be signed for & it says this!

Hailey.. I just wanted to publicly display my affection for you.

I absolutely love you my dear.

I love that your ALWAYS there for me!!!

I love that your one of the most selfless people I've ever met ( which rocks b/c I am WAY selfish! LOL)

I love that you bring Skye over & called her...

I love that you know me SO well!

I love that we've been friends for so long already & we will continue to be for so much longer!

Thanks for giving Mike and I & the boys SO many great gifts. your friendship.. of course,best the BEST of all!!!!!! (Although..Andy might argue the trains were the best.. to be honest!!! ;-)


  1. I love that it says that on the box, that is GREAT lol.

  2. So what was in the box??? =)


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