Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Year Ago...

I was likely sitting in this exact spot..Pissed as hell.

Why you ask?? Because for the second time in less than 2 years, I was FOURTY TWO weeks pregnant.

Yes, a pregnancy is 40 weeks and lots of people go early.. However, my children take an extra 2 weeks to bake & then come out the size of toddlers.

Ah yes.. I was 5 cm's dialaited.. and Oh! I had been for 3-4 weeks!! Every appointment they were "shocked" to still see me waddle in & I was pissed, crabby, fat & wanted them all to just STFU.

I'd been in labor for 2 weeks, contractions 5 minutes apart for days.. I was trying for a VBAC and as the days progressed I'd randomly burst into tears & yell at Mike "FUCK THIS.. If I dont go tonight, I'm calling & scheduling a c-section TOMORROW!!!"

Ah yes.. I was on the brink of crazy.. possibly(probably) beyond! Contractions, smactions. They didnt mean anything when they happened becasue hello, I'd been having them for EVER!!!

My lovely friend Hailey sent me some foot goodies from Pampering Delights & as I nearly killed myself trying to scrub my feet in the tub, I gave up, put Andy to bed, laid down & got a good foot rub from Mike, with the awesome foot cream Hailey had sent me..

I had *that feeling* but brushed it aside because I'd been having *that same damn feeling* for 2 weeks, and closed my eyes. 50 minutes later I was like "whoa..." and got up to, ya know.. use the bathroom.

Mike was asleep, I sat on the toilet ( lovely huh?) for about 5 minutes & then tapped him "I think I might be in labor.. I dont know.. but maybe we're going to have a baby! ..Okay..well.. go back to sleep!!"

And I went back to the bathroom. I sat in the dark for about 10 minutes "Is this is? Could this be it??" Mike knocked on the door "You cant tell me that & then tell me to go to bed.. whats going on???"

I told him to leave me alone, I didnt know & walked back to the computer, where I sat timing contractions.. Suddenly I got really nervous & decided to call the answering service.. A midwife called me back & I was terrified as I told her what was going on.. It was probably around 10:30 or 11 pm.. She thought I should come in, especially after she learned how far I'd been dialated for the past few weeks & that I was a VBAC!

I called my mom, who came right over to be with my sleeping baby & we loaded up in the van & left...

What? You want to know the amazing CRAZY story that comes next??? Come back tomorrow to find out how it ends!!!!


  1. I forgot that the foot rub started it all. lol I can't beleive that was a year ago already!!!

  2. LOL That does not sound like fun! The last weeks of pregnancy are the worst!

  3. I can't believe he's going to be one tomorrow!!

  4. I can't believe you were dilated for so long! I have never heard of anyone being that far dilated and nothing! Isn't that stage 2 labor!? Good Lord!

  5. I remember it so well, seems like yesterday - the year has gone by sooo fast! They are growing into such wonderful little boys! mom


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