Saturday, April 4, 2009

Woo & Boo!

Guess what?? You get a random..
..from me today!!
I know, go pee first, the excitement might be too much for you!

PhotobucketMy mom randomly came to watch the boys, so Mike & I went to a park & then on a hunt for Ryans birthday gift.

PhotobucketOn the way there, we were talking about a motorcyclist next to us, brand new 30 day plates, skull bandana over the mouth , leather chaps over his jeans..he was tough stuff! We're behind him in the turn lane & he just FELL OVER!!! I mean..rolled right into the side walk.. Mike slammed on his breaks,into park & ran to help him pull the bike up. Traffic stops, people get out, see Mike has him.. we keep traffic behind him as he walks it into a drive. We pull over to double check on him as an older man does the same.. I'm wondering if this is a good idea....hmm..Older man apparently gets yelled at! Mike says "He's fine, now he's just pissed!" Which was why I had just finished asking Mike if he was SURE he wanted to go check on him, AGAIN. It may be nice, but no tough guy likes being checked on by another guy after looking/feeling stupid in his "I'm a bad ass" moment.

PhotobucketWe didnt run him over, thank GOD!!!!! It would really suck to go to jail for running over a person, for not only your own moral/mental reasons but well.. in some traffic situations, if doesnt matter what couldnt have been prevented, you still do the time here in O-H-I-O.

PhotobucketWe didnt find what we wanted for Ryan.

PhotobucketWe found a luxury baby boutique on 70% + clearance.. I'm talking $50 diaper stackers for $3!!

PhotobucketI didnt need any of the things we could afford. I wanted a new computer desk, but 30% off $666 just wasnt a deal in my eyes!

PhotobucketKristen is coming over Monday. Blonde hair & chick flicks!

Photobucket I'm LOVING doing these awesome product reviews for all thes fabulous companies!! This is a tough time in our lives, Mike is gone alot, the kids are learning to hate naps.. Its SO great for me to finally have a *hobby* that I can do during the few nap times they take. Plus, it makes me feel good to be doing something to help others! I like to pretend my little thoughts might actually change someone elses mind.. if they do? Eh..who knows, I'm not that special, but in my head, I am FAABULOUS!! lol!

Photobucket Both my boys played really well with others at a playdate on Friday. Andy is in LOVE with Ellie ( 2 weeks younger than Ryan) and Jack ( Ellies brother, who is 2 weeks older than ANDY..ya follow??) took to Ryan. Well..Until he LIFTED Ryan and carried him away from "toys that were too small for babies" LOL I'm such a bad mom, I was watching an almost 3 year old carry an dalmost 1 year old thats close to 4 inches SMALLER than him down ahall way & just thought it was hilarious =X

Photobucket I have serious House Envy right now. I know, this is the toughest stage of our life. Getting through college, the loans, the debt, the *making do* But when I go to friends houses, who just bought that house, the big houses, the jobs..I do feel envious we dont have that. I KNOW our time will come & that they were all there once too & I'm doing ok with my patience, but sometimes its hard not to feel a bit envious when I'm having to shush Andy so he doesnt wake Ryan.. yet again!

Photobucket My sister & her hubby, Matt are giving us our first family vacation this Spring!!!! We're going to go visit them at their brand new house in DC!! Mike has never seen DC & he is a history buff & the museams, monuments, etc will be amazing for him. I cant wait!! Its our first family vaca & the pictures, the memories, the fun ( and not so fun of the 2 little boys..) will be remembered for a lifetime!

Photobucket It's supposed to get cold again. Our cat, Chuck just got outside & we spent an hour chasing her tail all over the yard!! It was nippy out & to know its going to keep coming..I do expect it from Ohio, but it doesnt mean I love it!

Photobucket I just feel happy! And thats ALWAYS a good thing!!

Whats YOUR


For this weekend??

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