Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is it?? "Isa Belt!!"

..Cute shorts, cute skirts, slightly bigger but still cute jeans, maternity jeans, fat pants, back to the slightly bigger pants, THANKYOUGOD back to cute skinny shorts.. back to maternity pants,any sort of pants that could fit me, fat pants, medium "I'm working on it" pants...HEY! I fit back into some of my old stuff but am still gonna stick with the jeans that are a bit too big now..

This is how my last 4 years of pants would read, if pants could talk.

I'm at that stage now where, I bought my "I'm still sorta fat pants" because I was tired of squeezing into pants I didn't fit perfectly in, then luckily for me, but unluckily for my pants, I've lost 20 pounds!!

That's great! Except now all these new pants I got are too loose! I am not a belt person, I never have been & probably never will be. I used ribbons for a stage ,back when I also wore Uggs with mini skirts ( eek!) but now as a mother, belts are just a nuisance. It isn't that I don't like them now, or don't NEED them, but I have babies, and when I sit in a rocker, they can poke all of us in some uncomfortable places!

That's where Isa Belt comes in.

I cant even find words good enough to pass that video by. It sums it up REALLY well. I got to try isA Belt for myself & at first was a bit confused, it looks like it would adjust like a bra strap, nope. It doesnt, once you figure that out its all smooth sailing!

It is strong! You wouldnt guess looking at it or holding it because its SO light weight but that baby can hold some serious pants up!!! No more crack attack, saggy pants, undies popping out the back. PLUS no bulky belt to get in the way!!! No bumps under fitted shirts,just a nice smooth apperance that still had all the perks of a typical belt with out the down sides of one.

I considered doing a video & pictures but um.. then I'd have to lift my shirt, or tuck it to show you my stomach area.. I really like my readers, dont wanna scare them off. So, instead 2 of my readers will each get their own Isa Belt to be able to see in action for themselves!!

Here is how to enter-

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I'll pick a winner April 15th with!


  1. Ooh, what fun! I have the issue with the "back gap" with today's pants. Drives me BATTY!

    You are on my bloglines feedreader, thanks to momdot!

    sgriscom (at) satx (dot) rr (dot) com

  2. Holy cow, this is something I could totally use! I hate belts, cause I am bigger and well they just plain hurt. But I have lost some of my tummy and my jeans are already getting looser. So I been pulling up my jeans every few steps. Ok finished gabbing. I follow you!

  3. I totally twittered or tweeted or whatever lol

  4. This looks great!



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