Monday, April 6, 2009

Stretch Island, hoodwinked again!

As a kid, I was certian there was NOTHING that was good for me that tasted GOOD as well. I picked the chocolate & M&Ms out of trail mix, I avoided the raisins.

I ate the chocolate off pretzels, ditched the centers.

I however LOVED fruit leather! It was one of those things I'd race for when we went to the few stores that carried it back then. Ha.. deceptive little girl I was. I was getting a TREAT!

Oh my mother must have thought that was hysterical. Stretch Island's Fruit Leather is equal to half a serving of fruit. Oh... now as an adult I realize, I had the wool pulled over my eyes, however I still stock up Fruit Leathers when I see them, now I pride myself on "Ha! I'm eating fruit! Good for me!"

Really its a win win situation I suppose. Andy discovered Fruit Leather a year or so ago & I remember htinking "Ha! Hoodwinked!" as he gobbled one down & asked for more "You just ate fruit!! Hahahaaaa" I cackled in my head as he enjoyed a special treat.

Well my beloved Stretch Island has got something new, Fruitabu! ( It actually has those 2 little dots over the U but for the life of me, I still cant figure out all this html/web lingo!!!)
You know those Fruit by the Foot things that every kid loved at a 3rd grader?? This is like, the GOOD version of those!!! The version that tastes natural & doesnt smell kind of like plastic.. (um, or TASTE like it) The version that is REAL fruit, grapes, apples & strawberries. This version is the one you feel good about giving to you kids & sneaking for yourself. This is the version I giggled as I ate because I almost felt guilty eating this as a treat until I rememebered its a healthy Organic snack!!!! These Fruitabu's are what those other ones only WISHED they could have been!!!!!
I, err.. Andy got the chance to try the new Strawberry Twirls

Okay.. I can sum up this whole review in ONE word.


Excuse me while I grab another one. Yep. Yum! If I wanted to be a stinker, I'd just end this here with my big old YUM , but no no, that isnt fair to the rest of you..

The texture is.. wow.. I am a texture person, this might be tough. It isnt plasticy at ALL. Its literally FRUIT. You KNOW your eating fruit, yet its so yummy goodness you think its a fruit snacky treat! Its like someone took a bunch of strawberries, mushed it all into this form & rolled it out. Your teeth sink in perfectly with the chewiness & texture but not so much that it sticks in your teeth to the point of needing a drill to get it out!

Here is some factual info about these awesome new fruit treats other than my stunned "Dude..WOW" comments..
"Finding a balance between packing snacks that kids will actually eat and moms’ tough nutrition standards can be a challenge. If you are looking for a great on the go snack for your kids Stretch Island Fruit Co.’s FruitaBü Rolls are a great option. FruitaBü Rolls, an all-natural fruit snack that lets kids unwrap and unroll positive fruit nutrition in three lip-smacking flavors: Apple, Grape and Strawberry.

Stretch Island Fruit Co.’s FruitaBü Rolls provide one whole serving of fruit and are made using only the sugars found naturally in fresh fruit. Stretch Island Fruit Co.’s FruitaBü Rolls are tightly rolled and individually packaged in a colorful wrapper so that the goodness of apples, grapes or strawberries will never brown or bruise in a lunch box. This tasty snack will liven up recess and lunchtime throughout the school year. Also, is great snacks that kids can take with the to their summer camp or while heading from one activity to another!"

So there you have it, not only is it good for you, free of extra added sugar & a WHOLE serving of fruit.. like I said, DUDE. Its GOOD!!!
You can find Stretch Island products almost everywhere now, and its my strongest recommendation everyone keep their eyes PEELED & snatch up as many boxes as you can when you see Fruitabu hit the store. Why? No, not because they won't be around for long, these are so good they'll be sticking around, but because you will eat them THAT fast.



  1. We LOVE fruitabu here. I mean REALLY LOVE it.

  2. yum i loved stretch island when i could only order online ~ i saw a food network special and got hooked ;)


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