Monday, April 13, 2009

Spa Time Baby

I was just given the lovely chance to try out Spa Time Baby's Cozy Care Cape .
I thought "AMAZING concept!!!" I can not tell you the amount of times I end up having to change MY clothes after bathing the boys, its impossible to grab a wiggling wet child out of the tub, hold a towel & not get soaked. The Cozy Care Cape looked like a great solution!


It Arrived!!!! I chose to try out the Ducky Bubbles Cape. I have boys, its blue, who doesn't like ducks, right??

Sure enough, its super cute! The presentation alone was fabulous. I tucked it aside to pull out to try for the nights bath.

Fast forward.. Its bath time I pull out the cape to show Mike & put it on.

This was SO much more than I expected!! It was so BIG and it even has a waterproof patch around the "baby grabbing area" of Mom (aka the stomach & lap) to keep you from getting wet through there! Wow, this is too awesome. Its alot more than I guessed it would be, its soft, MUCH bigger than I expected & the waterproof layer is really the kicker.
I hand it to Mike..Mom washes babies, Dad dries in this house people.
Are you ready for this????

Aww..I KNOW!!! So since Mike was the one who actually wore it, I decided to ask HIM his thoughts!!
Here is what Mike had to say about the Cozy Care Cape..

"It needs to come in more manly prints.. but other than that, whoever made this is genius"

You heard it, straight from the Engineers mouth, this invention even tickled him!!!

In all seriousness, this towel is AWESOME. I thought it would be great, but I did not expect it to be what it was, which was FABULOUS. This is going to be my new baby shower gift, every mom MUST own one. There is no substitute for this cape, no towel, no home made concoction, nothing!
Spa Time Baby makes alot of other products which I am sure are just as amazing. They have everything from these awesome capes,to multi purpose waterproof mats ( perfect for naked time!!!), to hats, to natural skin care lines.

All of my readers can enjoy an awesome 25% off their entire order, by using code- Cozy in the checkout. How awesome is that?? I will definitely be stocking up on these, and even better, you can get your items monogrammed!
However, one reader will win a CozyCare Cape of their own!!!
Here is how to enter-
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  1. I love the Far Out Floral cape!

  2. I love the chic baby cape! super cute :)

  3. By Far I like the Far Out Floral cape, I absolutely love all the bright colors. What a neat invention.

  4. I have been following you... foreva!

  5. I follow you on twitter AND am subsribed to your blog... oops i think i have messed up. ehh i cant get lucky anyways! haha

  6. I love the Chic Baby Cape, not that I need this, but I am sure I can find someone who can use it lol...this is the coolest idea EVER.

    And I just have to say that I think it is freaking AMAZING that Mike wore it and let you take pictures of him, he deserves husband of the year award for that, and you can tell him I said that lol.

  7. Love the pictures of your husband in it! So cool of him!

    I love the Fizzy Citrus cape!


  8. I'm a follower of your blog!


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  10. I love the chic baby cute!
    correaohana at gmail dot com

  11. I follow you on Twitter too
    My twitter name is hkey0605

  12. Following ... so need one of these LOL Now if someone could just make one for the BATHROOM!! LOL

  13. I like the Fizzy Citrus Cape!

  14. Now, I am following you on twitter!

  15. I like the far out floral print the best. This is a great idea.

  16. Awesome idea and great pics!

    I like the camo cape :)


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