Saturday, April 18, 2009

Small Talk Six

“6 animals (domestic, wild, or exotic) you think would be fun to own as pets.”

Okay.. I read the first one at Momdot & was like "Panda..dont they EAT YOU?!?!?!"

So I'm going to answer these as if the animals had absolutely NO chance of EVER snapping & attacking.. (((snort)) I really live in a dream world, dont I??

1-A sheepdog. Not too exciting, but I've always wanted one after my sister baby sat a teachers & I got to walk him & play with him as a kid =)

Bobby Pictures, Images and Photos

2- A bear..No wait.. they ate the Grizzly Man & HE was their FRIEND.. Okay ;-)
How about a ..... Mini Pony. I am obsessed with these little f-ers.. But THATS a post for another day!
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3- A donkey. Just for the simple fact that I can say "No, I actually own that jackass!!!"

4- A cow. I dunno.. just always wanted one. Got bit bya cow once & my heart has been missing a lil sumthin ever since!


5- A monkey. No, not just any monkey.. I'm talking about one like the one on Passions, or Marcel from Friends . The type that would be my buddy & could make me Martinis.. I dont want the poo flinging type, but a martini making kind is a-ok with me!!!

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Hm.. I have way more than 6 but...

6- Sugar Gliders. Mike & I had plans to adopt 2 tiny joeysiblings when they were ready to leave mom, but the weirdo took forever & we ended up getting a cat& moving cross country LOL It'dprobably a good thing as we ended up having kids & moving alot but..I really did love everything about those little guys & maybe someday I'll fill my empty nest with those nocturnal bugs!
Sugar Glider Joey Pictures, Images and Photos

Check out Momdot for more, Small Talk Six!!!!


  1. Donkeys are really cute! I saw one at the Geauga County Fair 2 years ago that only had 3 legs. He was so freakin' cute! But a little temperamental, so we had to stay away from him.

  2. Ahhh! Precious from Passions and the MarTimmy's they made...loves it!

  3. Mini ponies are so cute, I would love to have one too, and a monkey as well! Love the cow pic!

  4. I'm trying out a comment from my phone lol.. my internet gave up on me ;(

    Anyway, I have pictures of sugar gliders running all over Brians back, it was hilarious!


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