Monday, April 20, 2009


Allergies are a long standing issue in my family. Especially for my sister. I have seasonal allergies but now, as a nursing mother, it's tough to find something fast and effective for my relief that wont affect my nursing.

I recently found out about SinuCleanse.

SinuCleanse is a safe, immediately effective NATURAL sinus relief that helps naturally relieve allergy symptoms, sinus headaches, congestion, nasal infection, even just the damages of dry air on your nasal cavity!

I have to be honest, I've heard about these Neti Pots for quite some time! I have friends who swear by them & my mom uses one too. However, due to being dunked in the water as a small child I have an extreme fear of things ( like liquids) going up no nose. Luckily ( this is sort of ironic to say luckily..) Ryan got the sniffles so I didnt have to try it out on myself, I got to test it on my own little guinea pig!! ( I'm such a bad mom!)
That tiny tube goes right up in the tip of their nostril & then squirt! A saline solution washes out their nose!! Ryan is just a weirdo & he LOVES it. I mean, giggles & sticks his face forward for more type of love it, while Andy just watched from across the room yelling "Nooo Not my NOSE!!!"

The real question, did it work?

Yep. It sure did!

Ryan stopped sniffling immediately. The true test was that he'd been sleeping poorly, the nasal whistle .. (moms all over nod "ahh yes" here) I cleaned his nose right before bed & I actually dont think he woke once. Which he wakes atleast twice when he is feeling perfect, so that was a REAL miracle!!

I've found the perfect solution for my kids allergies, colds & stuffy noses with SinuCleanse Kids Mist.

As for me.. I'm still a bit scared of the Neti Pot, so check THIS out!

It's the SinuCleanse Squeeze!! All the benefits of a Neti Pot but with no funky tilting for people like me who cant handle the madness. Plus, it has an amazing anti backwash technology, to keep it sterile for you germ a phobes out there.

The SinuCleanse line benefits everything from allergies, to congestion, post nasal drip, dry air, sinus infections, even rhinitis of pregnancy!!
SinuCleanse has something for everyone, you can order from them directly but they are also found in TONS of local stores like CVS & Walgreens!
I can definately say that there will be no more Sudaphed here, no more Claritin, just SinuCleanse, a safe natural way to get rid of my families nasal issues!
One of you can try Kids Mist for yourselves!!
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  1. I am interested because it is safe for children and for pregnant women.

  2. I am interested for the same reason you are...I'm a nursing mom who can't really take anything for sinus problems.

  3. I love "natural" remedies! I have used a neti pot but I didn't know about this option for kids!
    I would love to try it out!

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  4. Okay I'm following you on twitter! I scanned your page all over to find the link to your twitter profile!

    I'm @MomMostTraveled

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