Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simply Breastfeeding

We have all heard it before. Breast is best.

However, for some it isnt easy!

I've been lucky enough to have the simplest time nursing both my babies for an extended amount of time. However, had I not had a mother who was a former LLL leader, a huge group of friends who were very knowledgable, alot of time to read books & studies, I might not have been so successful!!

Nursing has been a huge part of the last 3 years old my life, neither of my children have ever had formula, I nursed through my entire pregnancy with Ryan & both boys are still nursing. Crazy, i know right?

Formula or nursing, its a personal choice & everyone does what is right for them. But what if all your nursing struggles didnt HAVE to be struggles??

What if you had your own personal guide to how to have a successful nursing relationship??

Its hard to get an LC out to your house, and its hard to load up a new baby to go find one!

Now, with Simply Breastfeeding you can successfully nurse YOUR baby too!!

I have to say.. I took a "Breastfeeding Class" when I was about 36 weeks with Andy. I actually corrected my teacher several times, and if I hadnt been as knowledgable as I already was, there is NO way that class would have beneficial or encouraged me to go past 6 months.

Typical classes present you with facts. Great!

When I first held Andy & attempted to nurse him, those facts meant NOTHING. Having a big old boob & a tiny tiny mouth & all the excitement & drama of just having had a baby, I dont really care about the percentage of ratios to the IQ level of breastfed vs Formula fed babies.I basically just was wondering how the heck to big that tiny mouth latched on!

With Simply Breastfeeding you can take the 2 hour "class" prior to giving birth, but when you return home, you can re cap, fast forward to find the answer to your question, the solution to your trouble, or just for a review session. Most hospitals have DVD players, so you can even take it with you for instant help, as unfortunately, sometimes the actual staff isnt so helpful in nursing struggles.

Choosing to breastfed is a hot topic between moms. The great formula or breast debate, as MANY of us know. Forget about all of that, if you dont want to breastfeed, thats your very own decision & no one but you can make that choice. However, I've never met one person who says "Boy, I sure wish I'd bottle fed my baby!" but you meet tons who say "I really wish I would have breastfed.." and often have a story about lack of knowledge, encouragment, or they just had a problem they couldnt work past. This does NOT have to be the case!

You CAN breastfeed, it CAN be simple, and with Simply Breastfeeding, it WILL be simple, and just as second nature as well, nature intended!

One reader will get a Simply Breastfeeding DVD for themselves!

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