Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Silent Note by Patrick Davis

I just finished reading The Silent Note, by Patrick Davis. I was intreigued from the cover alone, what would this book hold??

I have to admit, it took me a minute to get into it. He set the tone & the REAL story came through that. But once the story began..well...

"The Silent Note tells an intriguing story of an old piano that conceals a daunting secret; a tale of a young pianist, who, in her era, struggled to choose courtship over her first love music. But her own fate is about to be discovered when an antique collector, Maria Weisman, rescues the aging piano from an auction, nearly a century later.Sadly, a sudden illness takes young Maria. Left behind is her husband, John Weisman, and Melissa, his four-year-old daughter. Melissa, after a year of grieving with her father, finds comfort when she aspires to become a pianist. Whiles she plays on her mother's old piano, she strikes a note that reveals a love saga, hidden for decades. The spellbinding mystery leads John and his daughter on a journey to seek answers that may hold the key to their future happiness.

Look for Return to Kingston, the sequel to The Silent Note.After solving a mind-baffling mystery, a sense of calm brings peace to John Weisman's life until suddenly, a new discovery takes him and his fiancé on a romantic journey to seek answers hidden in Kingston's past. "

I have to say, as slow to get into the story as I was, by the end of the book I was thinking
"Thats it?? It just ends here?? But.. I dont get what happened to..."

And then the "ah ha" came about. A sequel!

I have to say, I took this book with me to a doctors appointment to finish, I wanted to know what happened that badly & now I am anxiously awaiting the sequel hoping it will answer MY questions that were left lingering!

I definately liked it. It's perfect for someone who, like myself, doesnt get a ton of reading time. It isnt a 6 zillion page novel, it's a quicker read that sucks you in & leaves you wanting more. I thouroughly enjoyed The Silent Note.

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  1. I'm already a follower :) I'll post about it too on facebook :)
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    Not sure how else to link it without it not taking you to the! HELP!

  2. I tweeted about it! not sure how to give you my linkadoo for it :)

  3. I follow you Claire :)


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