Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pitch Bloggers

Pitch Bloggers is a new site, for Bloggers and PR reps to come together. Do you have a new product to promote? Are you looking for products to review? If you fall into either of the 2 catagories, Pitch Bloggers is where you need to be.

Pitch Bloggers is made up of mothers like myself, PR professionals and long time, experienced bloggers. They provide the perfect match of of expertise and experience to help companies effectively engage with bloggers as well as for us bloggers, to work with the PR!

Pitch Bloggers understand the new rush & excitement of how important Blogging can be to the PR Reps, yet how confusing it can be as well & have put together a site to help mediate from both sides, connect everyone together & keep everyone well informated & on the right track to a successful capmaign.

Check them out, register while you still can, and become an Ethical Blogger today!

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