Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mrs. Prindables

What is a first birthday( or ANY birthday) with out a fabulous treat?

Mrs.Prindables graciously sent us one of their best selling, delectable, drool worthy apples.
Check this gorgeous thing out..

I have to say, the first thing I noticed was the absolutely beautiful presentation. It comes in a beautiful deep purple box, with their logo delicately printed on the side & a silky gold ribbon encasing the box.

Had I not known what was inside, I might have not wanted to open it!

This apple is HUGE. I kid you not, Mike & I just stared at it & said "..I wonder where they get these apples??" They are the biggest apple I've ever seen in my life, hands down.

We cracked into it last night for Ryans birthday, unfortunately ( for him) he just got a nibble of the apple, but check Andy out...

WOW. I am a chocoholic & this curbed by sweet tooth with 2 slices. The giant, juicy apple is coated in a perfect caramel, followed by THREE, yes, count them.. THREE types of chocolate. Mike doesnt typically like caramel but he said "I dont know what they use, but thats the best I've had.." And it is, Andy said "mmmmmmm" when I asked him what he thought!

The days of strawberry bouquets & chocolate fountains are over. Mrs Prindables will be our new housewarming gift, our party treat & our anniversary gifts for loved ones. These apples could feed several people, they are perfect for a party or special occasion and to send one as a gift, a recipient would be shocked at the lovely and tasty, item they got. It would be a gift NO one would forget! These apples are made with only the finest in ingrediants, the sugar, the vanilla, its all top of the line & the taste of these guys, shows that! Mrs. Prindables has been making these amazing treats for over 25 years & it shows, they are getting better every year!
Mothers Day is coming up you know.. I can think of a FEW mamas would definately deserve a treat like this.. Check out Mrs Prindables today & let me know what you think..and of course, what you plan to order!! ;-)

468 x 60 Mother's Day


  1. OMG I could go for that right now!!!

  2. :::drooling::: that looks amazing!!!!!!

  3. OMG those things are the BEST! My husband's. boss's wife works for Neimans and every year they give us one with a nutcracker ornament for Christmas. I shamelessly suck up to boss's wife and send her about a year's supply of tarts each time :-)

  4. Wait ... that wasn't a giveaway?? DAMMIT!! LOL


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