Monday, April 6, 2009

Honey Kix

If your like me, Kix have always been a fave. They arent sweet, yet they are! The Kid Tested- Mother Approved logo couldnt be more correct! Now they're got a brand new Kix out!

Honey Kix® cereal is a sweet new variation on the brand that has been Kid-Tested, Mother-Approved® since 1937!
New Honey Kix has all the goodness of Kix® cereal but now with a touch of honey, which both kids and moms can agree on! Honey Kix contains 16 grams of whole grain per serving (at least 48 grams are recommended daily).
Honey Kix contains no artificial flavors or preservatives, and each serving of the cereal provides a good source of fiber, as well as calcium and vitamin D for bone health.

We tried it this week & I have to say. I like it! I wasnt sure about straying from the original, but it's good! It's sweet with out being sugary sweet, like so many cereals out there. Andy likes it too, which is the total test of approval, and I feel good about giving it to him. Whole grains, fiber, no preservatives. I think we found a new cereal for this family!!
Grab a box nect time you hit the grocery store, and let me know if you like it as much, or more, than the original Kix!


  1. Stopping by after seeing your comment on Country Girl City Life. I'm in Stow, and we're despratley trying to find somewhere in Kent to live. I moved there after high school and lived there for 11 years, and miss it! We're neighbors almost!

  2. My boys love the original Kix, I'm going to have to get them a box of this new kind to try, it sounds good! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Okay... so I LOVE ceral. But rarely try new kinds. Well I took your advice and tried some. I mean i have been wanting too for a couple of weeks now. BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!! ITS sooooo awesome, and the kiddo loves them!!!!


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