Friday, April 3, 2009


As about all of you know, animals are SO dear to my heart!

So I wanted to spread the word..GO ORANGE this April!! Wait..forget about just April..this should be something people do DAILY!!

As I've discussed before. my dog, Echo wouldnt be here today if it wernt for an organization calles IMPS. She was a rescue from a breeding mill way out wonder in the world of nastiness.

I have been an animals lover my whole life. I jump to help animals, as they dont have a voice. People do. People need to step up and be the voices for these animals!!!
I've been sneaking rats out of the Chem lab since I was 14 people...but I can only do so much..
These animals need YOU!!! They need YOU to step up and take the pledge..

-Recognize Animal Curelty

-Report Animal Curelty

-Set a good example for others

-Fight for the Passage of Anti-Cruelty Laws by Joining the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade.

Dont turn your back when you see that skinny horse, or the dog who needs some vet care, the starving cat who yes, does have a collar on and you assume "well it HAS a home"

Dont make excuses. You have a voice. USE IT.

TAKE THE PLEDGE But I'M asking you..don't just sign this.. DO IT.

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