Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For my dear beloved...

A cheat sheet into the world of blog giveaways.

See that little list at the bottom of each giveaway??

-Follow Me-
-Follow me on Twitter

and so on & so on??

When you become a follower to my blog, you leave me a comment (in the contest which you wish to enter) saying "Hey.. bitch. I'm following you!'

When you follow me on Twitter, or you visit the site I ask you to visit, you leave a comment telling me which requirement you fulfilled..

Each comment is like a ticket. A ticket to the raffle. For each task you compete ( 1-follow in Twitter 2-follow on GFC) you enter a separate comment.

I take the number of comments and enter it into It gives me a random number.

Say you were comment number 5,10 & 15 our of 15 comments.. That means you have 3 chances in 15 of being my random integer.

Basically, the more comments ( fulfillment of requirements for entries!) you get, the better your chance of being my winner!

Gotcha?? =)

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