Monday, April 20, 2009

Eco Kid

Prior to having kids, I would go as far as to say I just flat out didnt know anything. I thought the leading brand of baby shampoo was the best there was, because obviously, it was all I saw in magazines, commercials, etc.

As we all know, with age comes wisdom & knowledge, and some pretty scary releases about certian big companies baby products as well!

I've switched myself & my kids over to organic, earth ( and body!) friendly products that I feel safe about using on them. However, sometimes they can be hard to find, outrageously expensive, or they just sort of dont work.

Not anymore, eco.kid is an organic line of kids Bath & Beauty products.
I found their ideas behind eco. kid AWESOME, here is what they have to say..

Q-eco.kid... why is eco.kid called eco.kid?

A-"We made some nice, pure hair products. We call them eco.kid, because that’s what they are—ecologically responsible, kid friendly products (no artificial fragrances, colourings or preservatives, no harsh surfactants).
eco.kid... formulated for kids"
Did you know???

"A child’s skin and scalp produces almost six times less oil on a daily basis than an adult’s and can be sensitive to synthetic perfumes, colours, preservatives, heavy film-forming conditioners and aggressive surfactants. eco.kid is an organic, healthier, biologically friendlier and more effective product range formulated exclusively for the hair, scalp and skin of children aged 3 to 12 years old and so is able to help prevent common problems faced by this age group. eco.kid... prevention is better than cure.™"
Tell us more about eco.kid & why its so great!
"eco.kid is Australian made and is crafted using Australian Indigenous Flora and certified organic ingredients. The harsh beauty of the Australian climate has evolved our flora into a powerhouse of phyto-resources. eco.kid key flower and plant ingredients include wild harvested Kakadu Plum, the world’s richest natural fruit source of vitamin C and essential oils of Australian Eucalyptus, Australian Nerolina, Australian Lemon-scented Myrtle, Australian Lemon-scented Tea Tree, Australian Aniseed Myrtle, Australian Blue Cypress and Australian Sandalwood—all of which have well known benefits and possess varying anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties."
And of course, the best for last..

"We care about what we put into our products and we care about what our rinse down the drain. eco.kid products use sulphate free, synthetic free, fully sustainable and readily bio-degradable ingredients that can be safely returned to the planet. This one gesture helps to create a sustainable future for our kids.
eco.kid was born from our determined belief that there is a better way to care for our kids’ hygiene and the environment we live in. eco.kid should be used as part of a healthier lifestyle for kids and the planet."
I love it.
First of all, who doesnt want to feel absolutely 500% confident in the products they use on their children? I know I sure do! However, with eco.kid you can feel good about doing your part for our lovely mother Earth as well!!
I am absolutely loving eco.kid's PREVENT daily shampoo for the boys. The scent is citrusy, not over powering & it just FEELS clean in your hands & leaves their hair soft, smooth & feeling healthy.
As Earth Day is coming up, start doing a small part with your kids hair.. Switch over to eco.kid!!! Keep an eye out for it, it'll be headed your way soon!!

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