Monday, April 20, 2009

"The Dirt on Dirt" Sid the Science Kid

We have watched Sid the Science Kid since he premiered, I wasnt sure who liked it more, Andy or me!!

So when we got the chance to sneek peek "The Dirt on Dirt" for Earth Day, I was SO excited!!

What DOES make dirt, dirty?? Good question Sid!!!

This is a VERY cute episode, I have to say.. I sat there thinking "I guess I always just thought..dirt was...dirt.. so wow.. what IS dirt????"

I know, your dying.. What DOES make dirt, well.. DIRT?!

Check out Sid the Science Kid on Earth Day, THIS Wed. on PBS.
Check here to find your local show time & come back & tell me what YOU learned about DIRT!


  1. Awesome!!! My girls and the little one I watch Mon. and Wed. LOVE Sid :). I personally LOVED the texture episode. We then went for a texture walk of our own and had a blast feeling different things and discussing how we thought things would feel and how they actually felt! We love Sid :)!

  2. Gianna love love loves Sid!!! She asks for him constantly...we got him on the DVR!


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