Friday, April 3, 2009


I recently came across Bummas. Cloth wipes for your baby. Not entirely a new invention but also not very publicized. I personally have used cloth diapers AND wipes since my first son was 3 months old, so I've heard of such a thing, but never seen them in a typical marketing presentation for people who don't necessarily use cloth diapers. If I didn't use cloth diapers ( as most don't now'days) I never would have known about cloth wipes to begin with.

Until now. Bummas are gorgeous terry velour wipes which solve numerous diapering issues. What does a baby wipe do? It wets the bum in the removal of... bum stuff.. When your done wiping, people typically diapering baby back up, grandma or grandpa who haven't changed a diaper in years just fold them back in, and some parents are guilty of doing this too, we don't use the same methods of cleaning ourselves so it often doesn't occur to us. The problem with this is, the bum is still moist from the wet wipes & putting it back into a diaper creates rashes, yeast, and all sorts of stuff you don't want on your baby's bits.

This is where Bummas come in. Simply pat pat that cute little bum dry with these lusciously soft wipes so that when you diaper your baby, she is dry, clean & you don't need to use harmful baby powders to dry the skin. Your doing it naturally with the wipe!!

I received a package of "Wild Ones" to try out on my boys bums.


Ten beautiful little wipes in a perfect presentation showed up at my door. The true test however was conducted.. The face rub.


Yes, I measure the amount of softness with a good old fashioned face rub.Andy wanted to try it out too!


Bummas gets an A+ . You can feel both the terry, and the velour. One side reminds me of one of your favorite towels, the one that's been washed to the perfect point of softness. While the other side has the indescribable touch of velour. I can never find the right words to describe it, but anyone who knows velour products ( other then jumpsuits because its a biiitt different!!) KNOWS what I am talking about.

They are soft, touchable and PERFECT for patting little bums dry before folding them back up into diapers.

One lucky reader will get to try a package of Bummas for themselves! I'll draw a winner using on April 10th!

Here is how to enter-

Visit Bummas, come back & tell me which package you would choose.

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  1. I'm following your blog, and following you on twitter. I'd definitely choose the wild ones since I have both a boy and a girl in diapers at this time!

  2. Following you on Twitter. @sarahjewel

  3. Tweeted the give-away as well. :)

  4. Also subscribed to the blog (have been for a lil while already).

  5. And I follow you on twitter!

  6. The WILD ONES!! Awesome prices! I totally bookmarked that!! LOL

  7. I would definitely choose the boys pack since all I have is boys!

  8. I'm following you!

  9. I'm following you (it's jess) .. I would pick the wild ones! I have three in dipes I wipe a lot of asses around here lol!


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