Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who ARE these people?? Or where..???

As long as I've been pregnant, or has children ( which is a little under 4 years) People always say the same things to me. Magazines, books, they all give the same advice.

Nap when you can & get out alone when you can, even if its just to the grocery store!

They say, it gives you a bit of time to recoop, regroup & clear your head.

I do go on errands ALONE as much as I possibly can ( which is NOT nearly enough)

On occasion, I do nap. Usually when weeks have gone by with no breaks, I dont want to nap. I NEED to nap.

Every time I get back, or wake up, I think the same thing.

Wow. That was NOT worth it.

It's like Bush sent the troops to my living room in search of weapons of mass destruction and left NO block over turned, no car left un rattled, no book un opened!!

Holy hell, where are these women who WRITE this advice?? And where did THEY find husbands?? I'd really like Mike to speak with them & find out what their secret is, mm kay??

I am officially that sick, twisted mother that gets happiness out of the fact that somewhere, out there.. these are someones children..And they arent MINE!!

huge mess Pictures, Images and Photos

And for that, I say. THANK GOD. Because that mother, angry angry ANGRY pissed off somewhere, is not me!! I still have a good, judging by the looks of those boys.. 1-2 years until that is me?? So until that time, I will honestly take a sad sick pride in knowing that well.. if it has to be this way, atleast I'm not alone!!!!!!
PS- I just stared at that picture again & shuddered. That poor, poor mother.. ((shakes head)) I dont know what is worse..if thats paint, or if its plaster, or if its some other substance that I dont even know about.. NONE of them are good in ANY way!!! But uhm.. her kids are cute!! Well.. what I can see of them, atleast.


  1. LOL Thank goodness those are NOT your kids! I about had a heart attack for you. :p Could you just imagine? All you could even do is cry. Who the heck leaves paint out where their toddlers can find it? LOL

  2. hopefully it was latex paint

  3. I've seen the photo before and it still makes my jaw drop. After just looking at that mess, I think I need a nap.

  4. I haven't seen that pic before, and it made me gasp!!

  5. but, that kid is sooo damn proud of himself :)

    that's a mess you can't even get mad about, because it's so clearly above and beyond anything else they've ever done

  6. Humm My boys managed something very similar to that around that age. And I almost killed the man who left the lid on the paint "loose." LOL Be glad that isn't your mess because it's SOO hard to clean up.


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