Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things a Mother Says..

"I was soo worried you wouldnt come back!!!" in response to your almost 3 year old yells "I COMING MOM" As he runs back from shutting his bedroom door, so his little brother doesnt "mess his room" to finish eating the rest of YOUR popsicle.

"I SAID dont drink that! It isnt a beer its a CANDLE!!!" As the same almost 3 year old "sips" moms mini beer mug shaped ( with foam) candle from her sorority days.

" Daddy does NOT need another beer Andy, you keep the beer to yourself!!!" ( as 3 year old pretends to serve daddy a beer bottle ( plastic, made for children, supposed to be juice) from "his kitchen" yes..he called it "dads beer".. lovely.)

"Get your hands OUT of the potty"

"You push your brother GENTLY!!!"

"Dont you touch that, that's HIS peepee!!!! You have your own!!!"

"Stop it!!"


"I am SOOO excited for your monster turd!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Stop blowing on the cat!"

"Thank you for telling Ryan your sorry that you hate him.." (hit comes out HATE sometimes for Andy)

"Go wake Daddy up.. OOHH Why Andy, silly goose!! Daddy was SSLLEEEPPIINGG!!!"
((wink wink))

What do you find yourself saying that shocks even you??


  1. Sometimes I open my mouth to say something to my child and I hear my MOTHER speaking...getting chills....

    I have said "Don't pick your nose. And stop eating your boogers."

    Do you want a spanking?

    Stop THAT! Stop THAT NOW or I am going to beat you like an unwanted, red headed step-child! (I don't beat her, it's just a southern saying)

    Oh my GOD! What did you eat? And what is coming out of your butt???

  2. There's no gold in there (referring to the nose picking).
    Are you dead? Then move on.
    Put one more hand on her and I will duct tape your hands to your butt.

    I probably shouldn't go on.

  3. LMAO!!


    Right now I am saying "please stop putting your cars down my shirt"

    "stop playing with your pee pee"

    "don't pull Major's tail"

    "get your butt out of my face" He loves sticking his butt in our faces.

    Thats all that comes to mind at the moment.

  4. where do i begin...
    A few things that can be heard from my house are...

    "No we aren't going to wal mart today" (he asks to go every day)

    " you're going to pull that thing off"

    "Give Lucy back her pappi"

    "Yes I will race you buddy"

    "No, son we cannot take your horse in the car with us"

    "But you already have two Percy's, you don't need another one do you"
    i will stop here

  5. I just did a fart post...come see...

  6. "Daddy is having a Farty party who wants to join"

    You put that finger up there any further and you'll poke your eye out!

    If you eat all your veggies you won't go blind.

    Stop that potty dance and take tinky winky to the the potty

    Don't pull that thing it will fall off. (referring to his pee pee)

    Why are you holding your butt? Are you afraid its going to fall off?

    Don't think you can sneek anything past me! I used to be your age you know!

    Can you tell I have 4 children?

  7. right now my 2 year old is trying to use the potty, so its 'no peeing on the floor'.

    my 4 year old also has his'beer' rootbeer, the stewarts stuff in a glass bottle-, and his champagne, sparkling cider.

    he he I send them to wake dad too, and act surprised .

  8. Hey, you want to have some fun? come join in Week-end Wordles over at my site. It will be fun....

    My Wordle has "fart" very prominently displayed. LOL

  9. You are cracking me up!

    Let's see what I've got.

    "Stop touching each other RIGHT NOW!"
    "Get out of the fridge!"
    "Where are your pants?"
    "Do not sit on the dog!"
    "If you don't quit she will scratch your eyes out" when they are torturing my cat.


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