Monday, March 2, 2009

Thanks Health Care!!!!

Its funny, today I sat in the ER for going on 3 hours when someone changed the channel to Obama talking about how to fix Americas healthcare... A smokey smelling man stood loudly complained that "my wive's in pain! We been here 3 hours!!! Aint no body gotta have ta sit there in pain this long!!" ( his wife was sitting there reading a looked EXCRUCIATING)

And I thought.. How ironic!

I've been having soem chest pains, a bit of trouble breathing. I'm naturally anxious so it very well could be a panic attck ( it tends to happen more on the weekends as well, when Mike is home, haha) I get light headed, feel weak, I get a dull chest pain & have a hard time getting a full breath.
This isnt anythign new to me, since I was a kid I've sworn up & down I have asthma.

Long story short, my family doc is like me..she just KEEPS on having those babies & is out on maternity leave. She was cursed with a horrid staff who is SOOO not helpful, so I wound up in the ER today, because i need to be tested for mitral valve prolapse, as both my mother & my sister needed to be checked for it, as they have all of the symptoms as well.

So, chest pains..that gets you in a packed ER relatively quick! The guy at triage makes a special area to get my info while the regular area is being used & tells me "We;re so packed, we're only taking the sick & dying... so.. thats good & bad news for you I guess!!!"
I'm fairly sure I just blinked at him & was like "Uh..ha."

I get an EKG in a family waiting room turned into mini office for EKGs.. The girl tells me shes going to show it to a doctor real quick & if nothing looks extremely serious, they'll put me back in the waiting room, or find me a bed.

Girl comes back ( shes GOT to be younger than me ok??) and tells me..


" Well.. it didnt look TOO bad.. soo.. Ya know.. your not like..."

she trails off & I say " ...Going to DIE?" And she giggles.. "Yeah! So, you can go back to the waiting room"

Okey doke.

Apparently I'm REALLY not going to die because three hours later I'm still a'sittin. I have 2 kids at home, nursing children, and who knows what trouble they are causing for my husband. By this time, the chest pain is relative to worrying about the disaster I have to come home to, so I go to ask the nurse at Triage whats going on...

I still have a 2-3 hour wait.

Wow.. the kid with the snotty nose whos mom said "he hadda fever" was in & out an HOUR ago!!!

So, I grab a copy of my EKG & leave. Sorry.. I ate a bowl of Cheerios ( heart healthy, ehh??) at 7:30 am..Its 3 pm..I gotta go.

Ahh yes.. the irony of watching a health care speech, while lacking health care..I also watched a football player, swept from the ocean being taken to an ER..and told a lady next to me..I hoped they got HIM in quicker than they did US!

But uhm..on the plus side..I saw a lady with a forehead tattoo!!! It was BLUE and sort of a flowery wreath..smack acrossed the forehead. She also told me how she nearly lost her eye from something flying out of a lawn mower back in 98. I think that might have made the whole experience worth wild..

So yeah..Oh another note.. My blog will be getting a makeover tonight or tomorrow.. Let me know what you guys think!!!!!


  1. LOVE your blog!
    HATE health"care" (haha i'm so clever)

  2. I LOVE the new design. WHere'd you get it and how much was it?!

  3. i love your new blog look!


  4. Ain't Health Care in this country a bitch?? And Clinton's, I mean Obama's idea for centralized health care will just make things worse. Ask someone from a country who already HAS centralizwd health care how long the wait is for say, an appendectomy or gall bladder removal....TWO TO THREE YEARS! Yes, that's right.

    8 hours in an ER is nothing compared to that! Although, the feeling of "if I was bleeding, I would bleed to death before they get to me" is the same. I guess some things ARE universal!! LOL (I used to be a nurse in a former life)


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