Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teething Necklace Giveaway & DISCOUNT CODE!

I remember when I was pregnant with Andy, I heard whispers & rumors of these things called "Teething necklaces" I recall thinking " just chew on them.. eh..we couldn't use that" and then writing it off.

As I became more open minded to things that were not so self explanatory in the baby world & took the time to explore what these rumors were, I learned it was nothing like I expected
Did you know that Baltic Amber, (which is actually fossilized tree resin!) has been used for its healing properties for centuries?? I know that I personally had NO idea, other than "amber" was a name, a stone & a color.

Actually, Baltic Amber has healing properties that are used for arthritis, teething pain & other inflammations of the body. I began to look into this mysterious "teething Amber" these Mommy's raved about & everyone told me that Kate over at Inspired by Finn was the place to be if you were interested in Amber.

I checked her site out & was amazed at how beautiful & affordable her products were. However, I was still skeptical. The wearer doesn't chew on the amber, it sits on the skin & actually works to relieve inflammation by just the touch alone. I went ahead & bought a necklace, popped it on Andy when he was teething & thought "Hm.. yeah.. he DOES seem a bit calmer!!" and I stopped using teething tablets & just started having him wear a necklace instead.

I liked the concept, definitely, but I still sort of thought "maybe the times it worked was just luck?" Well, the true test came when I send my husbands Nana, an amber bracelet. She has severe arthritis in both of her wrists, she has been on prescription medication, which doesn't do a whole lot, for years. She actually called Mike in tears to tell him how massive the difference in her wrists improvements was. She & I didn't have a great relationship but I truly think that my hoping these would help her out made a huge difference, not only in the use she now has of her hands, but our relationship. I ended up buying her one for each hand & she says she doesn't take them off, EVER. Her testimonial can be found on the Inspired by Finn website, it was that great!

When I had my second baby, Ryan, he, like Andy started teething at about 6-9 weeks.. of course, no tooth popped through until MUCH later but the crabbiness sure started! I thought "Okay.. lets see" and put an anklet and a bracelet on Ryan. He wore it from 6 weeks until currently ( well, I've swapped sizes as he grows, of course) but the changes I've seen from his teething discomfort,compared to Andy's is INCREDIBLE.

(yeah..that's spit up on the floor..thanks)

I have started giving these bracelets as baby gifts to all my mom friends who are expecting, I recommend them to everyone. Pediatricians, check out clerks, everyone asks about them & I love the look on their face when I explain how they actually work "Wow..I just thought it was cute!" tends to be the comment I receive most "And they actually work?? WOW!!" is also the follow up to my big YES!
I have a necklace of my own, that I pop on every time I get a head ache & I have a gorgeous bracelet that even if it didn't do anything, its just BEAUTIFUL!

I am lucky enough to be able to offer a giveaway from Kate, over at Inspired by Finn for an item of your choice ( up to 15 inches) so that one lucky winner can give this amazing Amber a try of their own.
However, EVERYONE can order and apply a 20% discount to their order by using code "muffintops" on their order.

Try it.

Order a piece, just one! I guarantee that with in a week of using the Amber, you'll be running back to order more.

To enter to win a necklace of your choice-

1- Become a follower,leave me a comment letting me know your following. or, if your already a follower, let me know in a comment.

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5- For 3 extra entries, make a purchase from Inspired by Finn!!(Be sure to use code MUFFINTOPS for 20% off!!!) Let me know you ordered & I'll contact you with how to get the extra entries in.

Good luck to everyone who enters & for those of you who try Amber for the first time, PLEASE let me know your thoughts & how its worked for you & your teething children! I love love love these products & would love to hear success stories too!

I'll draw a lucky winner using on 3-19. Enjoy everyone!!!!!


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  3. That is just amazing! I'm extremely interested now! I'm now following you too!=)

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  5. And I blogged about you!

  6. I'm a follower! I gave my friend at work a necklace for her little man (from Inspired By Finn)! I can't wait to order some more for own baby-to-be! (If the baby is a girl, I'm going to get matchy ones for me!)

  7. I'll follow you, Claire!!!

  8. Ok...I must have been under some dark rock, because I remember having conversations about amber teething necklaces, but I must have missed the part that you don't chew them! Now that I know...well, I ordered one! Thanks for the heads up! (Oh, and I'm a follower!)

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    What a neat idea!

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  13. I would love to try this for my own wrist and elbow tendonitis.

    Claire, your blogs rock!!


  14. Me me me!!!! If I get my butt in gear I will blog about it and let you know. The piece I got last week is already helping SOOOO much!!!


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