Thursday, March 19, 2009

Skin MD Naturals

To say that I love lotion, would be an understatement.

One of the saddest days of my adult life was when I realized, my 2 Xerox boxes full of lotions, perfumes & body products waiting to be put into the U-Haul, in Florida, were still waiting under the bathroom sink.

We had been living in Ohio for 3 days.
I have been pregnant, nursing, or both since October 2005. My skin has stretched to carry two beautiful boys to 42 weeks, 2 times in the last 3 years! My bump with Andy defied gravity, and while Ryan was a smaller tummy bump, he was 10 pounds at birth, he didn't exactly treat my stomach skin gently either!

I've been breastfeeding for almost 3 years straight. I've been changing diapers for almost 3 years now too. I was my hands ALOT. Not to mention, I literally get the liquid sucked out of my body! I try to drink lots of water, but sometimes, the skin around my mouth starts to get tight & I know I'm beginning to dehydrate. Aside from worrying about getting enough water for my own body, it really takes a toll on my skin! I of course, horde lotion like the world is coming to a lotion end. And while I LOVE scented lotions, I do know that alot of what gives it such great scents, is really drying to the skin.

Living in Ohio in the winter, washing my hands upwards for 20 times a day, nursing, all my daily activities really take its toll on my hands and my face.

That has ALL changed. I kid you not. Skin MD Naturals gave me the opportunity to try their protective shielding lotion. Lotion, yay, right up my alley! When I started reading the testimonials I thought "Okay wow, maybe this actually is totally different than regular lotion.." So I gave it a try.

I washed my face & put just a bit on my face, it really doesn't take much, they even remind you to just use a bit. The first thing I noticed was its a thin, smooth lotion. I know sometimes when I think of "intense moisture" I think the cream has to be thick, rich & heavy.

Nope, Skin MD Naturals is thin, not greasy & slides easily on. I almost never use facial lotion in the morning, I just feel greasy afterwords, but I cant even tell I applied lotion, if I touch my face, I can FEEL a difference

It's softer and it actually looks more even in the mirror. I don't wear cover up, or powder so I don't like using a lotion that gives me a greasy appearance to my face, but Skin MD doesn't leave anything behind but soft rosy, even cheeks.

I was impressed immediately. However, Skin MD Naturals is a universal lotion. Its not just for your face, its for your hands, feet, eczema, its for any part of you that needs moisture and restoring. I cant say I've ever found a lotion that ACTUALLY does the job for all parts, but I put just a bit on my hands & sat down to rock Ryan to sleep.

I laid him down 5 minutes later & rubbed my hands together. I have NEVER come across a lotion like this. My hands feel DIFFERENT. I cant tell I put on lotion, but my hands feel soft. You know that feeling of healthy, what they call "dewy" skin, where it isn't achieved by lots of lotion, its achieved by actually having really healthy great skin?? My hands feel like that.

It doesn't feel like a moisturizer, if feels like a skin repairer. My hands don't have a "coating" of moisture, my skin actually IS moist, below the layers of skin, down into places that are radiating out word. The best way I could think to explain it is like this. They say "soft as a baby's butt" for a reason. That skin that has never held a tool, dug a hole,been washed hundreds of times over, its perfect, flawless & moisture & daily life haven't yet tainted a baby's skin. This lotion is your best bet at your skin EVER feeling and looking like that AGAIN.

I cant tell you how much I am loving this stuff, my feet get stepped on by my husband daily, I actually have 2 toes that just dont feel anymore, they are cracked & before they went numb, were painful! I've been using ONE DROP of this on them every night & you can see a HUGE improvement, not even straight vaseline or vitamin E did what Skin MD Naturals has done ina matter of nights for my feet.

I've gone from this..

to this..

Go to Skin MD Naturals, take a 10 second survey, get a sample & try it yourself. You wont believe it until you try it. Be sure to come back & let me know how right I was, and how fabulous your skin is doing!!

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  1. You lotion stash looks like mine a few years ago. I have been much better in the past year. =) Oh and I HATE VS lotion now after having a "good" lotion. I am going to fill out that survey right now.


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