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Sinupret for Kids

I know that I personally, don't jump on the "Oh no, Bobby had a cold, we have to get him to the doctor for antibiotics!" bandwagon.I don't think that antibiotics are the answer for every sneeze & sniffle. So, when Andy IS sick, its really hard for me to decide what to give him to help him feel better & kick a cough, cold, flu or respiratory snuffle quicker. They don't recommend cold & flu medications for children under the age of 4, and I understand that & agree. I'm 25 and don't like how they make me feel & I only take them as a last resort.

I heard about Sinupret awhile ago. I saw an ad for it in a parent's magazine & saw Dr Bob Sears recommended it. I thought "huh" because I personally really like the Sears methods & beliefs. So I checked it out online.
Some of you may have heard of the company, Bionorica. Well they are the ones who created Sinupret for Kids. Courtney Cox is a celebrity user of Sinupret, for her daughter Coco in fact! Their home page really has alot of things to make you extra curious about what this product is!

I began to read the FAQS of Sinupret-

Wow..95% of Ear Nose & Throat doctors think Sinupret is excellent & they use it themselves. To find a doctor that actually recommends a natural "medicine" is pretty amazing!!

Sinupret has been the #1 recommendation for children in Germany for over 70 years!!
It not only helps promote healthy sinus passage, but it strengthens the immune system! When you have children, anything that can strengthen the immune system is a God send!! Kids catch, swap & trade germs & sicknesses so easily!

Sinupret does not contain stimulants, caffeine, ephedra or pseudoephedrine. I personally find that very relieving. Have you ever read the back of your chchildren's medications?? Or even your own?? I cant pronounce most of the ingredients, but I do know what wants to keep things as natural as possiblestimulants, ephedra and pseudoephedrine is, and I love to find something that contains NONE for my boys. The list of ingredients reads like a dream for a mother who likes to keep things natural for her children.

Sinupret for kids is recommended for children age 2 and up. Plus, its gluten free!! That's great as so many kids have allergies that make their diet challenging.

Dr Sears actually recommends and endorsed Sinupret for Kids as the treatment and prevention of sinus and mucus drainage for children. I personally, find that endorsement very comforting as I know the entire Sears family has alot of experience under their belts.

I know for a fact that when I run out today, I'll be picking a bottle up.Sinupret is perfect for not only helping to boost my kids immune systoms, but to help heal them when they need some extra sinus/nasel help. With Spring around the corner & the wonky Ohio weather, we've all had some sniffles starting, I think I might even pick up Sinupret Plus, for adults, for myself! I love the fact that you can order directly from Sinupret, but you can also find it in your local drug store. Sinupret is exactly what I've been looking for to treat my boys (and myself!) naturally when they need a little extra help.

The generous & very nice folks over at Sinupret for Kids are giving FIVE of my lucky readers gift baskets!!

These awesome gifts contain the following-

-A copy of Dr. Bob Sears bestselling book The Healthiest Kids in the Neighborhood
-A sample of Sinupret
-Yellow children's binoculars
-Sinupret for Kids Activity Books
-Sinupret for Kids Stickers
-Mini Plush Bear

That is one fabulous prize & five of you will be lucky winners!!

Here is how to enter-

-Go to their web page, come back and tell me one thing about Sinupret, a fact or statistic that you learned.

For extra entries, you can also do any of the following-

-Become a follower, tell me so, or, if your already a follower, let me know!

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But remember, for the extra entires to be vaild you MUST leave me a comment with a fact or something you learned about Sinupret!

I will draw 5 winners using on March,23 2009.

Good luck to everyone!


  1. Sinupret has been the subject of multiple randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials for efficacy and safety on more than 3,000 patients and recommended for children ages 2 & up.

    Wow that's an incredible trial, most I doubt are that intense!

    I am a follower, here and on twitter. I have been wanting to try this every since seeing the commercial, I love you more, no I love you more hehehe

  2. I thought that is what this was. I see the comercials all the time and have always been curious about it. Nice to know it is all natural. Also I just joined twitter today so I started following your blog. I follow on blogger too.

  3. Sinupret is made from only the highest quality, all natural ingredients. [definitely a PLUS in my house!]


  4. I learned they have been around for 75 years....woot!

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  6. ok here is something I found out... That it's made up from European Elder, Common Sorrel, Cowslip, European Vervain and Gentian Violet.

    I thought GV was just for Thrush.... no really lol. learn something new every day.

  7. Ok yay i figured out how to follow you woot!

  8. Sinupret does not contain stimulants, caffeine, ephedra or pseudoephedrine.

  9. The Sinupret® product line, developed by Bionorica, has been the #1 most widely recommended, scientifically tested nasal and sinus support formula in Germany for children for more than 70 years.

  10. I follow you here and on twitter!

  11. I forwarded your blog link to my cousin b/c I think this will really work for girls w/ a gluten allergy history! Also, not too shabby w/ statistics if it has been recommended 3,500,000 times w/ no reports of negative side effects! I'm always learning from you!

  12. Supports a healthy immune system :D

  13. And I'm following you!!! :D

  14. I have been wanting to try sinupret but there hasnt been a special with coupons to make it free. Rita

  15. I'm following you, as always!!

  16. I learned (and LOVE) that it contains no stimulants (caffeine, ephedra or pseudoephedrine). The latter two definitely can't be good for kids AND my kids just do NOT need the caffeine! LOL Thanks for this awesome give away, Claire!!!

  17. I'm following you on Twitter, too!! I finally signed up...go me LOL

  18. And I twittered about you!!! I'm feeling pretty savvy right about now LOL! Yeah for give-aways!

  19. i am also following you on twitter!

  20. "There has never been one serious side effect from Sinupret for Kids and it's efficacy is so well-documented that it is the most prescribed product by pediatricians in Europe."

    NO serious side effects!? That's awesome : ). Sounds like a really great product...I'd never heard of it before this!

  21. I learned that it is plant based with no stimulants...good stuff! :)

  22. Ingredients: Sinupret® proprietary blend: 880mg - European Elder, Common Sorrel, Cowslip, European Vervain, Gentian

  23. I'm a new follower!

  24. Sinupret is all natural. Way cool!!!


  25. I am a follower :-)


  26. Sinupret is all natural and has shown no serious side effects. I see that commercial all the time with the mom and girl laying on the ground in changing weather. I didn't quite know what it did until now.

  27. 95 % of ENTs recommend it!!!

    You know my email =)



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