Monday, March 16, 2009

The Ol' Ticker!!

Excuse me while I pretend that some of you are on the edge of your seats worried about my doctors visit that I had today..
And let me tell you! First of all, the sub for my doctor ( who is on maternity leave..AGAIN) is "the talker." I have met him before actually. Oh. Yes. HIM.
The office was running an hour behind & that was when I realized " ah ha.. I do know this guy!" The nurse smiled at me & said " remember him huh??"
Yep. I did. Its a little hard to know where to start with someone random, when they aren't your doctor so I blabbered like an idiot for a few minutes trying to get out all of my concerns. Then I got to hear about how he takes 150 mgs of Beta Blocks a DAY ( the typical is only 50mg..he said..) and he has 6 stints in his heart & his wife worries that she will die because her mom died of a heart attack at 47 , but he tells her "you passed that age 15 years ago!!!" Yep.. I actually had to take a minute to realize he was still talking about his wife, not me about 5 minutes in.
Anyway, "it could definitely be panic attacks.. and tranquilizers are very nice for that.. unfortunately they are addicting" He then pro ceded to get really confused as I tried to explain the last 3 years of my "search for post partum depression help" with my really awesome pro- breastfeeding doctor. I think, that he thought I was nuts. Breastfeeding moms can only take certain kinds of drugs/medications while nursing, my doctor knows this & I've had some bad reactions to several of the 5 safe choices. I've had bad side effects & we've tried things a few times, switched more than a few times & basically talk through it all. She is a mom to ( now THREE) little boys barely a year apart just like mine, our parents work together & shes REALLY nice. Its easy to talk to her, because she knows what we've discussed & this guy ..well.. was kind of a moron. I don't even want to get into some of the details on that because well, its just not polite, poor foolish old man.
Basically, next Monday I am going to the Cardio Wing of our local Hospital for an Echo cardiogram to check if I do in fact have Mitral Valve Prolapse. He ticked off the list of symptoms & I recognized nearly all of them. It is genetic, and both my mom & my sister were tested for it, so, I'm going to guess that's whats wrong.And of course..the fact that I'm allergic to my husband, duh.
If I do in fact have it, I could potentially go on Beta Blockers to relieve my symptoms.If the symptom relief takes away my chest pains..I obviously don't need to switch anti depressants, or get on valium or anything crazy fun & pill popping related.
Beta Blockers are an L3, so I don't really know what I think about it yet, they "should be safe for nursing" and if this is in fact, whats going on, I WOULD be interested to see if they helped me feel better on a regular basis! However, I wouldn't HAVE to take them, its one of those "take em if you want to, if you don't, not a big deal.." because it doesn't *fix* or *prevent* anything, it just helps relieve symptoms.
So!! Yep. I always knew there was something wrong with my cold, little black heart. Come Monday, I might have proof!!!!

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  1. Well momma, I hope there ISN'T something wrong w/ you, but if you can get a diagnosis, get some meds, and get some relief then it was all worth it! I hope you feel better between now & then!


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