Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The NEW Game Plan!

Alright, I have got a new game plan going on.

I know alot of AMAZING mothers. And alot of them happen to have work at home businesses! Everything from making candles, to making lotions, to foot scrubs, cloth diapers, belts, purses, dresses, you name it I probably know someone who makes it.

I am a HUGE believer in the under dog, supporting Mom & Pop & taking care of those small businesses that are the heart & soul of America . (OMG I feel like a campaign for President right now!!!!) But really,I believe in supporting the little guys, not that damn man who is trying to keep us all down! (SAVE THE EMPIRE!)

So I've decided to do a feature I'm going to call "WAHM Wednesday" Every other to every 3rd Wed. I am going to do a feature on a particular WAHM (work at home mom)

I'll be talking about the mom,. their business, their products, what I LOVE from their shops, what is a *MUST HAVE* from them, why I think they should get some extra attention and I will also be offering discount codes, promotions and or giveaways, depending on what route the particular mama chooses to go with.

I am EXCITED. I love talking & pretending people care what I have to say, so this is a great fun thing for me to do to help promote the ladies I really believe in & think deserve some free PR to help spread the word of their business to places they might have not otherwise been spread to.

I REALLY hope that all of my readers will check these ladies out. Many of them are mom bloggers just like you & I, and by choosing to buy from them instead of Yankee Candle, or Bath & Body Works, or Vera Bradley, you can be part of ensuring they too, get to stay at home with their wee ones just like so many of us do!

I also have some AWESOME giveaways coming up. Did you check out my on going Sinupret for Kids?? What about the Baltic Amber??

I'm working with some AMAZING companies, like See Kai Run, Skin MD Naturals, Green + Clean, Mechanical Bunny, Spa Time Baby ,some BOOK reviews and a new author will even be stopping by my blog on her Book Tour!! Be SURE to keep checking back, and entering all my contests!! I am a firm believer in the fact that winning contests can really make a mommys day & I love to be part of that!


  1. What a great idea!! I am looking forward to seeing what is coming!

  2. Wonderful idea. I know the WAHMs will really appreciate the exposure. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I live in Texas where it's summer most of the year so I could use a little of your snow... Mail me some? LOL

  3. Claire...I think this is TOTALLY awesome! I can't wait to read about some awesome WAHM's and the products they've got to offer! Two thumbs up!

  4. Oh boy, I can't wait!!! I love trying out new wahm's!!!!!!!!


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