Friday, March 27, 2009

The lies we tell our children..

"No, the last piece of cake is gone" ..aka... it will be gone, into my TUMMY when your in BED!

"Eating those peas make you big & strong" ..aka..actually they just taste like ass & I dont want to eat them so I gave them to YOU.

Mike & I were sitting in a waiting room at a practice an hour away 2 summers ago. I was 7 weeks along with Ryan & had been having some bleeding. They sent me for an ultrasound to double check everything was OK and I was flipping through a magazine, trying not to pee myself.

"Lies you tell your Children" was the title of the page, in WonderTime magazine. As I flipped through I read one that nearly forced me to pee myself, it read-

"I told my children that the ice cream truck was actually a music truck. It drives up and down roads to spread cheer through out the neighborhood."

I about died. Mike thought it was hilarious as well.

We wnt on about our day.

A weke later..what did we hear?? The musical twinkling of.... the MUSIC TRUCK! We both exclaimed!!

Fast forward many months, and today, the first sign of Spring came about in the sound of a twinkling tune! Andy, now almost 3, said "Oh!! Did you HEAR that??" and I smiled to myself and yes "Yep, Andy thats the music truck!!!!!"

Dad walked in the door a minute later & Andy yelled "DAD!! DID YOU HEAR THE MUUUSIC TRUCK!!!?!??!?!?!?!"

Mike laughed and said "I was pulling on the street when I saw the music truck!! Its spreading joy & happiness through out the streets Andy!!"

To which Andy replied "Ya, the music truck!!!" and went about his merry, innocent, incredibly still gullable way.

Ah yes.. I think we might have alucky few years of enjoying the Music Truck in this house.. maybe when we move, I'll shock the kids by telling them the new neighborhood doesnt have a MUSIC truck but SHOCKER!! It has an ICE CREAM truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah..THAT will be my incentive for them to move!! Fo' SHO!!


  1. Ha! That is funny. Now what are you going to do when Andy figures out that the truck is selling ice cream? LOL THAT will be fun day for you!

    One day our children will call us on all of our "lies" and we will have to think fast to concoct new lies to explain the old ones...oh what tangled webs...Oh BULLSHIT! We all lie to our kids for their own good. It sucks, but it is necessary sometimes.

    Now when the hell did the term "it's for your own good" start making sense to me...? Oh Lord, I'm going strarght to hell. In a hand basket. Wanna come along for the ride? LOL I'll need some company.

  2. That's funny, because my next-door neighbor had been telling her son the very same was a music truck! My kid never bought that!

    I was very excited to spot the 'music' truck for the first time yesterday!

  3. juliek1994@aol.comMarch 28, 2009 at 7:43 PM

    I love that! We have worked hard to not let our son figure out what the "music truck" really has!

  4. I wish that worked here. The music truck made his first ever appearance on our street after spending the last four year at the apratments a block away. Morgan knew it was the ice cream man, and would wonder why he doesn't come on our street. so of course we had to run out and get some :)
    although I think I love the music truck more than her.


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