Friday, March 27, 2009

Kimochi Winner

I think my mom wasnt too thrilled about having to make a choice because she told me "Awww!!This is making my heart ache! I want to give one to everyone!!!"

But she made her decision..

And the winner is Carol & her Joey!

Joey's Mama said...

Joey (age 4) has high functioning autism and has trouble identifying his emotions and expressing them in an appropriate way. He is very bright but his limited communication skills result in some challenging behaviors. He is a very visual learner and I make lots of charts and do social stories to help him in different situations. I first saw Kimochis a month or two ago and thought they would be a great visual tool for him. I would love to have one for him. Thanks Claire, you are awesome!!!

Joey was nominated by other people TWICE as well!!! My mom had a tough time choosing between a few of you, but she told me that she really thought that age 3-4 was a good time to start using a toy like this. She also wanted me to tell all of you mamas what a great job your all doing with your little ones!!

So, congratualtions Joey!! I hope we'll see some pictures of you & your Kimochi when you get him!

As for those who didnt win, you can save 20% on your order by using code KimochiFF1 in the checkout when you grab a Kimochi of your own!
Thanks to Nina over at Kimochi & everyone who entered!!!


  1. Yayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Carol and Joey!!!! How awesome!!!

  2. Congrats Carol and Joey! I so hope this can help with some of the tension both of you guys go through on a daily basis! HUGS!!!!

  3. WOW!!! Thank you so much Claire and Claire's Mom!!!!!! You are so awesome Claire. I know we will both love it!


  4. Way to go Joey!!! Congrats Carol! I think your mom chose an awesome set to give this too!!!


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