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Kimochi- Toys with Feelings Inside.

As you guys all obviously know. I've just began to get into review blogging and I am really enjoying it. I love to talk & have been the "I need to have it first & then tell you about it" type person since I was little!

A week or so ago, I was flipping through a magazine when I saw the cutest thing..

I was instantly hooked, but then I read the article. These are dolls with feelings! They have little (I call them bugs) that each have their own emotion, be it happy, sad, brave, jealous, scared,shy,etc. Your children can use these "bugs" to have their Kimochi doll tell Mom/Dad/caregiver how they are feeling by sticking them in the pocket/pouch of their Kimochi doll!!

I thought "Ohhhhh" And I immediately thought of several of my friends whose children are on spectrum's for things like Aspergers and Autism, or who just have speech troubles, or just a hard time expressing themselves ( lets be honest, who doesn't at times??). I can't count the amount of times they've spoken about how it can be difficult for their children to express their feelings, or communicate effectively with them & how hard it can be for not only the child, but the parent.

I fell in love even more! WHAT an amazing toy! Not just for children (and parents!!) who need the extra help, but for ANY child!! I know that Andy sometimes tells me "I so crabby, I go take a nap" right after doing something he shouldn't have ( aka pushing his brother)
He isn't even three yet, he doesn't fully communicate but a toy that helped him communicate..he could get that!!

I took a chance & emailed the company to express my interest in spreading the word & fell in love yes, again,even more. The nicest woman,Nina, emailed me back and was just as excited as I was to help get Kimochis names out there, she even recognized that Mommy bloggers are great for that! (Yes, I would be showing the proud *bug* when I read her email back!)

So she graciously sent a Kimochi Bug for us to check out.

Let me start by saying.. even if my children didn't like this at all, I personally am SMITTEN! Holy poopers..

The Bug is ADORABLE. But what REALLY actually gave me warm fuzzy feelings was what was written on the box..
I am going to type it ALL out because it was THAT awesome...

"BUG is thoughtful and is extremely cautious. He is really smart, a skilled conversationalist and is known to talk himself and the others out of any given situation, because he likes to examine all sides. This can sometimes confuse the Kimochis and make them forget what they were trying to accomplish. Bug lives in a Manzanita tree. Bug has a swimming hole with a tethered rope swing in the center of his living room. When the weather gets hot the Kimochis can always be found splashing around Bug's place! Bug's lucky number is 2 and his favorite color is magenta. He loves the smell of rosemary and the taste of wildflower honey. Bug plays the mandolin.

Bug is afraid of change and because of this, being a caterpillar is not easy for him. He is always the last one to try something new. Although Bug is afraid, he secretly dreams of flying. Bug loves to read maps and has a great sense of direction."

Okay. Lets put everything aside & focus on what myself, as a parent thinks of this.


I LOVE rosemary( especially on roasted chicken!) for a toy of my children's "to love it too" just tickles me. The fact that a caterpillar is scared of change ( hellooo butterfly!) just cracks me up.I feel that, as an adult( who is the one buying toys, of course) this just rubs you the right way all the way down to feeling warm & fuzzy. I can feel myself relate to Bug, as I am an adult & don't even like change!

I put together a little video of Andy meeting Bug.. I dont know if it was a good thing, or bad thing that Andy skipped his nap that day, but boy, it was good timing for the Kimochi to come out to play on a day that emotions were running high ;-)

Currently, there are 3 different Komochis available, Bug, who we have, Cloud, who is simply TOO cute! And last but not least, Huggtopus!

Each doll comes with a book, for parents and children on how to best use your Kimochi doll to help your child to express their feelings. It has a gorgeous little cloth bag that the "feelings" ( really do call them bugs!) come in with the book.

You can also buy extra packages of emotions, there are 3 different packages to choose from, each of which contain 6 emotion *bugs* as I call them.

Which are too cute & on my shopping list! I absolutely love them, they remind me of Lil Mr & Mrs books!!! I think the coolest part is each package has a blank feeling, and includes a washable pen do your child can express a feeling that isnt already there, HOW cool is that??

The amazingly lovely people over at Kimochi are going to give one of my readers a Kimochi of their very own.

I am SO excited for this!!!

I'll be drawing ONE lucky winner on Friday, March 27th. Here is how to enter.

-Tell me why you ( and your little one!) need a Kimochi.

I have to be honest, this is something I want to PICK a winner for. I believe in the concept of this doll SO much that I want it to go to someone who will reap the benefits of a toy like this time & time again.

My mother is a school psychologist, shes worked with children from Pre K to adulthood as long as I've been alive & I am going to take my top 5 choices and have her pick who she thinks is most deserving.

This Kimochi doll review has been really special to me, and I want it to go to someone who will find it just as special as I did.

SO! Tell me why you NEED a Kimochi!! Don't hold back, let me know! The more you share, the better your chances are of me & my mother realizing how one of these guys could be really helpful in your daily life.

You can also leave a comment telling me about someone you know who deserve to gain a Kimochi doll. Leave your ( or their) contact information so if they are a winner, I can get their information. But be sure to tell me WHY they need a Kimochi!

Good luck everyone! To those who dont win.. Please, check them out at Kimochis! I know for a fact I'll be buying another one.. or two..possibly one just for me.. I could write it "very ticked" on the blank one for my husband, right?? ;-)

GUESS WHAT?? BIG NEWS!! I emailed Nina, the fabulous woman over at Kimochi about how pleased I was with our Bug, that my blog was up, and how hard its going to be for my mom to pick just one winner and she yet again, stunned me with how AWESOME she & Kimochi are and is offering a 20% discount to my readers, just use code- KimochiFF1 in your check out.

THANK YOU NINA! You've been amazing to work with and you bet we will be keeping in touch!

Thank you
Kimochi, for this wonderful opportunity, its been eye opening in ways I cant even express & I LOVE our dolls!!!


  1. We need a Kimochi because sometimes my son bottles up his emotions because he doesn't know how to express them, this makes him act out. He's 7 but I still think a Kimochi might help him identify his feelings and learn to deal with them the right way. Thanks a lot for hosting this giveaway Claire :)

  2. As you know my oldest was just diagnosed with aspergers and we have struggled with his lack of being able to share his emotions for 7 years now. If this one simple, yet super cute bug could help us, then that in itself would be a lifesaver. Anything at this point to help us understand each other is amazing.

  3. Joey is so very sensitive at times, and tell us he is *so mad*...Also, Joey is about to loose his spot as *the baby* and I dont know how he is going to react...I think may help him express other feelings besides *mad*....Thanks for hosting this, those are super cute!!!!

  4. Joey (age 4) has high functioning autism and has trouble identifying his emotions and expressing them in an appropriate way. He is very bright but his limited communication skills result in some challenging behaviors. He is a very visual learner and I make lots of charts and do social stories to help him in different situations. I first saw Kimochis a month or two ago and thought they would be a great visual tool for him. I would love to have one for him. Thanks Claire, you are awesome!!!

  5. Wow Claire, these dolls just look so spectacular. And definitely something that would help us out. My Andy is still not verbal yet. He has very, very few words. Mainly just screaming EEEEEEHHHH at me lol. Sometimes I just look at him, TELL me what's wrong. And it's so frustrating not only for me, but I know for him too.

  6. I think this would be perfect for my almost 5 year old who has frequent emotional "issues". While he's never been diagnosed (never tested), he's always had a VERy hard time expressing himself, and his emotions. It's a daily battle for us to get him to "act" how he feels without yelling. I think this is an amazing give-away. Thanks Claire, if not for this blog and knowing you I'd not have known about them. Either way I'll be looking into getting some of these. Thanks!!

  7. I just wanted to hug all you mamas that needs these. I am blessed that we just deal with normal toddler trying to express their feelings.

    Claire I think it is great you are doing this one!! What an awesome product!!

    Good luck mamas!!

  8. I want to nominate Carol's Joey, she is such a great mom and if this could help Joey then that would be great.

  9. Wow these are great! My 7 year old son has Asperger's Syndrome and he normally has a hard time expressing his feelings. Last month, our family was struck by tragedy when our newborn daughter Sydney passed away. Christian is having an even harder time now because he just doesn't understand what he is feeling or how to express his emotions. We're having a lot of problems with him acting out, which is so out of the ordinary for him because he's so overwhelmed by his feelings and doesn't know how to express them. I think the Kimochi would be great for him as he gets through this difficult time.

  10. This sounds perfect for Gavin!!! He is 2 years old and in speech therapy because he is at 12 months for expressive language. We are having a lot of problems trying to get him to communicate and understand emotion. When I get hurt he laughs :-( I would love this to help teach him about emotions and empathy/sympathy.

  11. I'd like to nominate Holly who's daughter, Jewel, has Speech apraxia.

  12. Those are very cool! I would like to nominate Joey and Carol.

  13. I am gonna say I need one because with six kids, everyone at one point or another could use it. It could be the family bug. Stephanie (17 teenager.. broken heart? sad), Danny (15 year old teenager picked on by little sister? mad), AJ (14 year old brother? baseball team won.. HAPPY!), Mary (hormonal 11 year old girl.. is there anything for that?!?!? shes scary lol, David (4 year old little boy.. aspergers..sighs. I think he might need it for lots of reasons), and Emily (14 months, well cause its as cute as she is) oh wait. .and me.. mommy (sick :o( I could use it for sympathy votes this week.. )

  14. I think these are the cutest things and would really help someone. I dont want in the drawing, since there are kids who need it way more then mine. I just think these look awesome!

  15. juliek1994@aol.comMarch 25, 2009 at 2:15 AM

    I would LOVE for my son to have one to take with us to the nursing home to see my grandfather. We take my grandmother in every day to visit but he has been slowly becoming more and more non-verbal. My grandfather is to the point where he is forgetting who most people are and who has visited but he has NOT ONCE forgotten Maxx's name or that he has come to visit and smiles when the nurses mention him. I would love for my son to be able to share his emotions with his Great-grandpa and that my grandfather could respond to him by showing the emotion bug. He has tried writing but is just too difficult. I think these would be WONDERFUL tools for both young children and Seniors. I have printed out info and took it in to the physical and speech therapists and they are just in love too!

  16. While I would love to have one of these dolls I mean I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old who aren't the best at expressing their needs wants and feelings, then I have another 2 year old who is at my house 2 days a week for 12 hours each day.. I would really love to see Carol and Joey win this!


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