Thursday, March 19, 2009

I got my hair did!

So, my BFF since 3rd grade & I lost touch years ago over silly silly high school things that go tpushed to the point where we were too young to know how to fix them.. BUT we reconnected a few weeks ago..S
hes getting ready to finish hair school & move to FL so she & I grabbed coffee & she thought she'd do my hair for me!!

It's going to be a 3 stage process.. here is the first stage!!

And after-
She got rid of the red my hair tends to pull ( YAY) She started by bleaching the highlights & then coloring over my whole head so we're starting with being sun kissed..The plan is to be fully tongue making out with the sun by the time we're done, but its a bit hard to do massive highlights with 2 little kids.. so.. it'll be a long fun process & we'll get to get caught up on the last 10 years we've missed with eachother!!!
Stupid boys.. It's interesting to find out why you & your BFF since age TEN grew apart so many years puts things into perspective that neither of us were mature enough to handle at the time, and neither of us knew completely. I missed her all those years & I'm SO glad to have her back.. atleast for 2 months til she moves again.. But this time, I know we'll just have to keep in touch!!
If you stumble here..KP... I DID miss you, I'm glad we're back!


  1. Where's the front view??? It looks good from the top. =)

  2. yeah baby... we want some full- frontal!

  3. Looks good! Hope you guys get to spend some time together before she leaves!


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