Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Everyones favorite thing...

Claires RANDOM thoughts!!!

- I would rather NEVER leave my house again than take public transportation. When I was young & my mom suggested "taking the bus" I laughed because well, I was just a snot. But the recent whole.. "beheading/eating flesh thing" only drives my point home even more. I dont mingle. Yes, this also includes airplanes. Oh GAG. All that air, being breathed over & over, people who eat.. and breathe.. and smell, and are close to you. Oh GOD, I'm about to be sick just thinking of it!!!

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-I would rather sit on the floor of a movie theatre than sit next to a stranger. I "dont do" sold out shows and I DONT sit anywhere but the aisle seat. You know those sushi places where they seat you with strangers?? Oh God, a lifetime supply of Valium wouldnt be enough on a busy night!


- Both of those would lead to.. I think I'm a germ a phobe man.. people just creep me out, with their dirty hands & germy ... germs!! ((shudders)) Seriously, its a wonder I can even go out in public some days!!

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-Whenever I see a firetruck ( like I just did!) I think back to a memory...


It was winter, it was cold, it was icy. I was driving to work & hit a patch of black ice. My car swirled & finally came to a rest in someones front yard, I looked to my right & saw an SUV unable to stop as they too hit the ice..I could see the passangers mouth saying "STOP STOP!" and the driver saying "I CANT" as they hit me directly into my drivers side door.
I of course was freaking as I called Mike ( we had just started dating!! And yes, I called 911 first!!!) Once we checked we were all ok, I realized I couldnt get out of the car & just sat there & lit a cigarette to calm my nervs ( ironic statement..) The firetruck came rushing up.. and ladies..
It was pretty hot. I mean, it was like a movie.. handsome fire fighter runs to my car, swings open the door & I am telling you... I think I stopped breathing for a second.

Then he took off his hat & I choked on the breath I'd been holding. Poor guy looked like Bozo the clown!

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I shake my head with sadness every time I recall this story.. it was a PERFECT moment.. and go figure, it ended like that!
-I seriously think I am just not a nice person. I mean, I CAN be, but man..I am MEAN!!!!!! You doint even want to know half the crap that rolls through my brain all day. I just am geuninely easily disgusted by most um..everyone!!!

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I would really love to be a vegatarian. I get so sad when I think about who I am eating. But..I really like a nice medium steak. Poor cows =(

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-I'd like to know why eyebrows dont continue to grow, hell, how did eyebrows even come to be to begin with?? "Oh lets put little tufts of hair above the eyes!!!" Eyelashes are obvious..but eye brows?? Not so much.

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Thats all for now, Until next time my friends!!!



  1. Tooo funny! I love reading your posts! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Wow, a lot going on here!! Great post.


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