Sunday, March 8, 2009

Come on tomato..KETCHUP!

If I could, I'd start this out "OMFG I KNOW I've been SOOO busy!!" but thats a pet peeve for all sorts of awesome blogging mommys ;-)

So.. let me make excuses..wait..thats one too.. Shit.

Yep. I've just been too busy with my fabulous life to get on here. I guess is a not so nice blunt way to say it, huh??

Truth be told, things havent been so *fabulous* over this way. You know those chest pains of mine?? I'm fairly sure I figured them out.

I'm allergic to my husband.

Okay not really but I swear I saw on TV once that people truly can be allergic to other people!!! Mike doesnt believe me though. Actually its more.. I think I'm having major anxiety attacks.

Since I was a kid I've told my mom "I SWEAR I have asthma!!!" because I often get a shortness of breath & I am just sort of a high strung person, apparently.. lol

When I got older a boyfriend was like "Dude I think you just have anxiety or panic attacks!!!" and I have a depressive history ( and having 2 kids in 2 years & some life stress can add in some serious PPD!)

Mikes school is getting harder & more intense, yes were in the final stretch, but its pretty intense to go from him being around ALOT to him being GONE alot. He's been pretty cranky lately too, and I've been finding thta my chest pains & trouble breathing seeeeem to come about when he is around, or talking to me on the phone. Hmm..

Poor guy! We had a good talk today about how to work on this & I'm calling my doctor to have them rule out anything else it could be, but for now, I'm going to place my chips on STRESS & ANXIETY!

Ahh.. I've been trying to get out & about more, the boys & I played outside on Thursday & went for a LONG ass walk on Friday.

Saturday we all walked to the little park under our towens bridge, it was once a man made waterfall, but they cut it off so i tmostly dried up & its now a little walk way. I remember sitting down there with the cute skater boys, occasionally jumping or being thrown in the Hep C infested river & tying my first cigarette there, kissing a boy I had a crush on & watching people spray paint the walls... now its all "cute & family oriented WTF?? A train came while we were there, Andy gasped "Tom tom BIG train!!!!" and the driver WAVED to him!!!

..Annndd then he tooted the train., My poor child jumped at Dad & started SHAKING. The train was probably less than 30 feet from us, acrossed the small river & Andy was PETRIFIED! He's waving, and has this terrified grin like "Yeah" as the train rolls by & continutes to toot. Poor kid, he talked about it the rest of the night but his little hands were quaking like California!!

Ryan took a peek at the river & started shaking as well, it was a pretty scary trip for the 2 of them, in my opinions, but it was nice to enjoy some nice weather before Ohio goes all crazy & likely gives up 20 feet of snow in 4 hours.

Mike & I had a date today, we really needed it. We ate at our favorite cheap Mexican place & then went grocery shopping, pretty hot, I know!! We get along so well, but somehting baout us being cooped up in this SMALL ass house just stresses me out & we bicker. Its good for us to get out & remember, we DO love eachother & we ARE good together! Its really hard having such a small place, you CANT get away, there is no where to go! Mike gets focused on "one thing" and I am always a parent so I get frusterated when he isnt focusing on both the kids AND what he is doing & a kid gets into something.. So, its good for us to get alone time to remind ourselves, not only are we mom & dad, but were husband & wife. =)

I got to have lunch Saturday with an on-line friend, Jess! We met via cloth diapering..oh.. 2 years ago??? She moved back to Ohio awhile ago ( about 45-60 minutes from me) and we finally got to meet for lunch. I dont know what we both liked more, getting to hang out, or getting away from our kids alone more!! She is my age, 25 and has 4 boys & is pregnant!!! Shes my hero, I always say I have a sick feeling i'll end up with 4-5 kids, LOL. I'll be sure to go to her for advice when the time comes!!

But it was nice! We met at some mom & pop diner & both ate a meal for under $5!! I mean, Burger King cant do that!!! We chatted & laughed & even said the same things at the same times, It was SO nice to connect with a mom outside of play dates, or talking about kids, blah blah blah..We're talking about making it a monthly thing & I think thats a must for BOTH of us!!

Hm.. what else.. boy, I've been mentally writing blogs for the last 5 days but when it comes time to sit down, its all lost in the madness swirling in my head. I like to pretend people actually care & want to know what I think & have to say so.. I'll write some of it this week, hopefully!!!

Andy peed in the potty & has been attempting to go several times more, which is kinda cool!!! Ryan is mimicing words.. we have "mama" and "Andy" and "doggie" and "no"and of course,"dada" so far! He's a goose. This kid cracks me up, Andy was & is still such a picky eater but Ryan, you walk pas thim with food & he will YELL at you to feed him!

I have some pretty cool product reviews, giveaways & fun stuff coming up, so please stay tuned!! Also, I entered my sister & her hubby for a home makeover show on TLC, for the home they just bought so cross your fingers they get it!!!!!!!! My sister is super amazing & is always doing things for us, I'd love to be able to have been the cause something got to be done for them.

Yep.. I'll just stop rambling now, make sure you enter my Purse Hook giveaway before it closes!!!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!!!!!!

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  1. Dear Claire-

    Leading up to our first anniversary, I was worried that Matt and I were having problems - always grouchy, arguing, stressed, etc. Looking back, I realize that it was because we spent all of the long, hot summer cooped up in 1 single bedroom in our tiny first apartment because we could only afford 1 air conditioner and it was in that room. It is tough. love you guys and know you will make it to bigger and better things!


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