Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coconut Groove CD Winner!!!

I had to say.. this CD is a HUGE hit in my house. The first day Andy was jumping on the bed & he told me "I don't be a rude boy.." then he asked me to jump on the floor with him, I did & he said "There you go, GOOD job mom!!!"
Today he breezed through the kitchen singing "Tyrannosaurus rex..."

Mike walked past me laughing yesterday & said "That Nick..hes got some catchy tunes..I've been singing Spacceee Oddosy,2003... all day!!!"

And its true! We all have our favorites, we all sing them ALL day long & even Ryan, who is only 11 months old stands there pointing at the CD player saying "Ahh????" and gets a huge grin when you start the first song.

I love love LOVE it. Mike hates all childrens music, he thinks its all a plot to torment parents, but he loves it too!

Thank you so much Nick, for this opportunity!!

And now..the winner is.....

Result: 9

Jon, Hailey, and Skye said...

I also just started following you on twitter, I have no idea how twitter works...but I'm following lol
March 12, 2009 5:47 PM

Congratulations Hailey!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be emailing you shortly! Thanks to everyone who entered & now go, buy Coconut Groove for yourself..er..your kids!


  1. Yeah I'm so excited!!!! Can't wait to see Skye's dance moves to this lol

  2. Oh I LOVE Nick too. We had him on our blog too and he's just awesome isn't here? We listen to him almost everyday and "Don't Be a Rude Boy" is my current fave. What a cute story about your little one.


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