Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Closet Purse Hanger & Giveaway!

They say all women love two things, purses, and shoes.

I personally, at 6 foot tall, hate shoes and stock up on Old Navy flip flops like they're going to be discontinued each year. However, as I've gotten older, I've found that I do admire a good purse!

But like anyone who has more than just a few purses, its hard to find the proper way to store them!

You could just shove them all in a closet..

But that's not exactly a neat way to organize them, now is it?

You can stuff them in boxes..

Yet again, not that great a solution.

I occasionally do the "stuff small purses inside big purses" thing,

..which really isn't that fabulous either, you have to rifle through EVERYTHING because the purse you want, is always on the bottom.

Shawane Thomas had this same problem and she couldn't find a pre made solution that wasn't bulky, difficult to install or just all around not that great, so she brainstormed. Shawane tried S hooks, plant hooks, any type of hook she could find! Finally, she started toying with a paper clip, trying to figure out what she needed, that the other objects just didn't provide and thus.. The Closet Purse Hanger was born!

Shawane, a nurse by trade is now launching this innovative new product so everyone can finally be rid of the "where IS that purse?? Is it in this bin, or that closet?" dilemma. Check out the improvement they made on this closet!!!

I've been given the opportunity to give the closet purse hanger a try of my own.

Now, if you know anything about me, you know we rent a VERY small little house. We have one small storage closet, of which I spent about 30 weeks of my 42 weeks pregnancy with Ryan organizing & re organizing trying to find a way to make more space in it. My purses & diaper bags take up SO much room I hang them on the wall, stuff them into each other & try to somehow hang them on the coat rack. Its an unsuccessful attempt, which is why I try to NEVER open that closet door.

SO, since the one rack we have is taken up, I decided to get a shower curtain rod to hang above the shelves. A shelf dedicated JUST to purses, and put Shawane's creation to the test! And well.. because I have few & far between things that are just dedicated to me in this house of boys, and I wanted a purse rack of my very own!

Here is what my purses looked like prior to the Purse Hanger makeover..

And after-

I have to tell you. I am a believer!!! When I first was lucky enough to get to do this review, I was a bit skeptical.. for someone who actually has ROOM to have a closet rack of purses, this would be fabulous, but could it work for ME? Would it REALLY make that big a difference in the teeenny tiny storage area we have??
I've opened my closet 3 times in the last half hour just to peek as my glorious new purse rack. It is AWESOME!!! I'm more of a "bag gal" than specifically purse, seeing as how with 2 kids in diapers, a cute clutch isn't so ideal anymore. But it held even my diaper bags up PERFECTLY!
I am absolutely smitten. I can think of 2 of my closest friends off the top of my head who would probably steal these hooks from me, given the chance ( Birthday gifts anyone??) I yet again am anxious for the day when we finally buy our first home, and I can dedicate an entire closet to Shawnaes amazing Closet Purse Hooks.. filled with all the beautiful Coach purses I plan to buy of course!!
I give this product an A+. I'm adding the plus because I find it SO inspirational that a woman just like me, or you, just sat at home, wanted to come up with a solution to a problem she faced, did so & created a product which she is now marketing. It really goes to show you, we women CAN do ANYTHING we put our minds to!
Shawnae, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try your Closet Purse Hangers,
Shawnae has been generous enough to donate 2 packages (10 hooks per package, a $19.99 value) to 2 lucky readers to try for themselves. I'll be accepting entries for this giveaway until Thursday, March 12th and will then draw 2 winners from Random.org.

Here is how to enter-

1- For one entry, become a follower of my blog. Leave me a comment ( include your email address so I can contact you if you win) telling me your following my blog, or, if you are already following, tell me so.

2- For one entry , visit The Closet Purse Hanger, come back & tell me how you think this invention could help reorganize your closet and your purses.

3- For 5 entries, make a purchase of your own from The Closet Purse Hanger website, come back to let me know ( you will need to provide proof of your order, don't forget to leave me your email in one of your 5 entries & I'll contact you to provide the necessary order confirmation)

4- For 5 entries, write a blog linking your readers to both my giveaway, and to The Closet Purse Hanger's website. ( come back & let me know with 5 comments, one for each entry, that you blogged and leave me a link as well)


  1. I've been a follower, loves me some ugly cupcakes :P. These look really cool, and really help organize!

  2. I'm followin' ya Claire :) I have so many purses, a bunch I've made and LOVE but they are all boxed up after our move and I have NO place for them. I'd love to try this, I know I'm forgetting about some gorgeous bags too and this would help me put them right out front where I can see them all at once!

  3. Why didn't I think of this???? I'm such a purse whore, I need this!
    I am a follower already!!

  4. I am a follower already, and you know I would LOVE this (I better be one of the people you plan on giving this to as a birthday gift lol)
    I think this is an awesome idea and I might just be buying some on Payday :)

  5. hon, you need like 150 of these! LOL I would enter but i dont actually own a purse .

  6. Oh cool!!!! I'm entering now!! And starting to follow :) You know my email woman!!

  7. I posted a blog linking to both sites :)

  8. I am a secret follower! Love the Idea of closet purse hangers...I like you don't have all that room, but great idea with the shower rod.

  9. Love you and your blog. I am such a purse ho, this would work awesome. Plus, you dont have to give up more room since you added the shower rod. Great Idea!


  10. Woot woot! I linked you!
    www.markeritaville.blogspot.com so there's 2

  11. I am a follower already, i dont have many purses but do you think it would work for small diaper bags? I am a diaper bag whore! And you should know my email addy!

  12. Linked you in my blog (I am just spreading out my entries to increase my chances lol)

  13. What a great idea! I'm not much of a blog ready, but I did enjoy yours very well written!.

    I've added your blog to my Facebook group as well!


  14. ...#2 BTW I linked you from my blog

  15. FIVE, God i hope i did this right

  16. I'm a follower! I could actually really use this for all the bags Christina keeps making me. :X I think I'll steal your idea and put an extra rod in our hall closet just for the bags.

  17. #2- I think this would work because...well, my closets SUCK! I was even thinking maybe if you tie a pair of shoes together you could use the hooks from them too? I need organizational help BADLY!!

  18. #2 and i forgot the link to my entry with #1- http://itsmylifealways.blogspot.com/2009/03/i-loooove-giveaways-look-at-this-one.html

  19. I linked you on my blog

  20. Ohhh I found my missing comment! I don't know what happened but it's for the following you! Annnd I am because I was your first follower!!

  21. I'm following! Love the hooks- what an awesome idea.

  22. oops, and my email is lanik58@yahoo.com

  23. This can help me organize my bags and use the empty space below my clothing racks.

  24. Thank you Claire. Thank you, contestants, for all your entries. Congratulations to Sierra and Lani. I hope the product will come in handy for the both of you. The Closet Purse Hangers are on their way!

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