Monday, March 23, 2009

Clean + Green

I recently got the opportunity to try out SeaYu's Green+Clean Odor, Stain & Pet

Let me start by thoroughly grossing you out.

My dog, Echo. Is old. To say the least,we don't even know how old she really is, when we got her almost 5 years ago, the guess was between 8-12. She was a breeder at a puppy mill in Missouri. Echo is in preettyy rough shape!

We once had a couch. Echo lived on the couch.
Echo also pees in her sleep. We no longer have a couch, but we have a nice futon, which looks like crap because we have placed a waterproof mattress & sheet over top of the futon mattress.

Echo leaves the couch for several reasons. One is to eat, another to steal food from the children, yet again to go munch in the cat box, to go outside, and to pee on the floor.

Seriously. My night time goes like this-

Take Echo outside. Start to rock Ryan down for his nap.. Echo eats.. Ryan started to fall asleep, Echo circles & pees on the floor, right in front of me.

She is a 9 lb Min Pin, so her bladder is pretty small, after she eats I guess she just cant hold it in, so she just pees on the floor!! It rocks my word.

Needless to say, I have obsessively tried everything to get the pee smell out of our carpets. Luckily, you can't smell it unless your laying on the carpet, dont worry, my house doesnt smell like dog pee, LOL. I have used carpet cleaners, carpet cleaning solution, the pet odor carpet cleaning solution, Natures Miracle, BioKleen, Bac Out,Febreeze,Odoban, Tea Tree Oil, Vinegar, I've used natural remedies. We've taken then carpet outside and SCRUBBED it with brushes & hoses and soaps of every kind.

It *helps* but, yes, this is gross, but anyone who has this dog issue knows.. You CANT get the smell out completely. Its nearly impossible.

We've been getting ready to just throw in the towel & get a new carpet, a very expensive, crappy solution to our problem. I have a comforter that we lay on the floor every morning & take up every night, so that when the kids lay& play on the floor, well.. Mom feels better about it!

I came across Green + Clean and to be honest, didn't really expect it to work. Everyone swears by Natures Miracle & that didn't work for us either, why would this be any different. Sometimes "natural" products especially don't work. Needless to say, I was skeptical, but I will try anything once!

So, I got a bottle of Dog & Cat Carpet & Unholstery Cleaner in the mail the other day.

Okay, so read the information that comes along with it..

..Clean up mess.. spray directly.. blah blah.. Okay got it, Lets see what this stuff has got!

I dragged the carpet outside so I could get EVERY angle with out bothering the boys playing. We put the rug on our picnic table & I just COVERED the entire black center of the rug ( its where Echo ALWAYS goes)

You don't have to saturate it. Just make sure you spray directly on the spot. Obviously we probably have a bazillion spots, so I just went ahead & sprayed the whole thing. Its a different sort of spray, its not quite like hairspray, but not like a Windex type of spray, its not a foamy spray either.

The sun was out & I wanted the carpet to dry ( I hate walking over a damn carpet!) so I headed back inside.

This is where they need to create Smell-O-Vision for computers ( or in general, I guess would be helpful)

I stepped outside to take a sniff ...and I didn't smell anything. Yeah right, good spot.. So I probably looked completely crazy but I walked around the whole carpet sniffing every angle I could find.

I walk inside & call Mike "..Dude..I think the carpet... doesn't have a small anymore."

Mike says "yeah RIGHT!" and LAUGHS at me.. Yes, its THAT bad of an issue that he just flat out laughs whenever I find something that I swear will work.

Mike comes home a little later & I ask him to bring the rug in...He does & looks at me..

" smells like.. a rug." I nodded at him. "Wow."

I could totally be lying to you, who knows with product reviews, however I kid you not. I would lay anything down to test ANYONE to try this product out if they are still in search of a pet odor remover. This will be your LAST stop.

Our rug smells like NOTHING. Previously, gross, but it smelled like left over dog pee. We've all been laying on it, sniffing it, double checking since we pulled the rug back in yesterday. Nothing. It hasn't smelled this..peeless.. since the day we bought it.

I called my mom because her dog has a peeing habit as well & she's on her way to go find some in a local store this weekend!

Green+Clean has cleaners/odor removers for everything, from dogs, to cats, skunk odor,to rodents, ferrets and birds. But its not just for carpets, they have it for concrete, upholstery, wood, tile, furniture, cages, little boxes to bird cages.

My FAVORITE thing about Green+Clean, I'm sure you already figured out, from the name. Its chemical free, non-carcinogenic, non toxic, and eco friendly!!! And hello.. it WORKS.

I personally will be ordering a life time supply of the Dog/Carpet the minute we get paid!!!..Although technically I probably only need it for Echos lifetime, huh??? You can buy it directly, or find a local store. If my mom doesn't grab hers at a local store, I think we'll both be buying in bulk together!

I know, its hard to read one persons review & be "so sure" it will work for you. So guess what???

One of you will get to try a product of choice from Green+Clean & then report back to tell me that you, likely were as impressed as I was!!!

Check it out if this sounds like a product you need. You dont have to use it for animals smells, diaper smells, bathroom smells, husband smells. Its an odor remover, not just for pets!!

I was shocked to see how affordable their products are. They also have a free shipping deal going on right now on qualifying orders & it is worth EVERY penny. I'd even pay way more than they charge its that good ( but please SeaYu, dont charge more, I quite enjoy the current price!!!)

Alright, here is how to enter to win a product to try yourself.

-Visit Green + Clean, come back & tell me what product you'd like to try and why.

You MUST do this to be qualified for extra entries, and here is how to get extra entries.

-Follow me here on Blogger ( leave a comment telling me so!)

-Follow me on Twitter ( leave your twitter name so I can check! Or tell me you already follow & leave a link)

I'll be drawing a winner from on March 29th, 2009. Good luck everyone, and even if you dont win, this is one product worth trying!!!!!!


  1. oh I want to try the Dog & cat carpet spray.. I don't have any animals but I do have 2 boys... their room.. Yeah lets not go there ok!

    And I am following you too!

  2. I would love to try the wood and tile cleaner! It sounds like clean & green has done wonders for your rug!

  3. I MUST try this!!! We steam cleaned the couches this weekend, put febreeze on them, I put fabric fresh that it came with on it and nothing is making them smell better. Thanks to a little boy who likes to spill his juice on it and have the occasional accident. @@

  4. Just an FYI

    I sent DH out to Petsmart on his lunch break to purchase this. He called me to say he couldn't find anything in a green and white can marked Clean + Green. He did pick up something called Petrotech and said it was somewhat green and white. I told him to check the label and it was made by Seayu. I assume this is old packaging but he was able to get a 2 pack for the price of one. A can of carpet and a can of tile/wood. I will try it tonight and report back tomorrow!! :)

  5. I would love to try the carpet spray, our dogs are outside so no accidents by them, My almost 3 year old son who is not potty trained makes up for it.

  6. would love to try the wood and tile cleaner, following ya!!!

  7. I would love to try the cat litter box odor eliminator, thanks!


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